Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cross Country

When I was in high school my basketball coach tried to get me to join the track team. I looked at him as if he asked me “Would you like to go to the moon?” It never dawned on me that running was a sport. For fun. Huh, pain as a sport. (I shortly quit the basketball team as well—definitely not a lover of sports.) I’ve redeemed myself a bit since then as I now run as my primary exercise but that’s only because we all eventually lose the metabolism we had as kids. If I could still eat Cheetos and chocolate milk and stay twiggy like my high school years, you bet I would not be a runner. But I digress…..this post is about my son.

Because my son is a real runner.


This is his second year running with the cross country team in high school. He can run about a 6 minute mile for his usual 5k runs. That’s unbelievable to my middle-aged legs as this morning I ran an 11-minute mile for three entire miles and I was dang proud of myself too. Not bad for a lady who eats cake, I kept saying.

So as I watch my son run I wonder, “If I just had a bit more confidence as a teenager, maybe I could have run cross country too.” Either way, I am proud of him.

He runs so fast he’s a blur!


It’s a family thing—we all come to cheer him on.


This meet was at Kiwanis Park in Provo. It was at dusk and what a beautiful summer evening it was with the mountains glowing at sunset.


Yup, my kid is passing you boys up!



The next few pictures are at a meet up in Salt Lake City at Murray Park.


Just about 2,000 high school runners


A quick video of the massive crowd running. I can pick my son out in this video, but then again, I’m his mom. And super proud.

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