Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poppies Dress

linen poppies dressI recently made this linen dress for Hallie. I just love linen. Unfortunately, Hallie doesn’t know that linen is ultra linen poppies dress 2stylish and modern and promptly replied that she hated this gray dress. (“It’s not gray, it’s oatmeal!”) If Hallie’s clothes don’t resemble a drag queen these days, she thinks they are dull and boring and will NOT wear them. She simply won’t. She’ll cry and scream and foam at the mouth. So I told her I’d add the pink sash/bow and that seemed to ease her a bit. Why do I bother? Why don’t I just dress them in sweatshop-made crapola  with nasty sparkly  glittery adornments  with horrid sayings like “Princess” or “Bratz” or heaven knows what else.  I like sweet and simple designs for my girls in natural fibers. Unfortunately, they often like tacky crap.  What’s a sewing mama to do? 
P.S. She hates the Mary Janes I bought from Lands End too. I force her to wear them anyway. I’m tired.
Pattern: Simplicity 4927 with lots of modifications—bound neckline, invisible zipper closure, embroidered poppies, waist sash, etc.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bernina DesignerPlus version 6

DSC_0006I bought the most amazing software to digitize embroidery designs. It was a crazy amount of money that almost DSC_0009required the payment of my firstborn, thank goodness for my sewing business funds.
My motivation to digitize has been the utter lack of modern designs out there for purchase. I have searched high and low all over the internet only to find silly tea cups with smiley faces and butterflies that require 28 thread color changes. As a former valley girl from the 1980s I would say, “Gag me with a wooden spoon.” Definitely the embroidery companies are not catering to the 30-something crowd.
So now I can digitize my own modern minimalist designs. Here’s what I’ve created so far. I’m just lovin it all! Pretty soon I’ll sell my own modern designs to counteract all the old lady garbage out there.technicolor pillow

My Main Squeeze

On 9-9-9 (eerie….) Paul turned 38. We celebrated with enchiladas and a lemon bundt cake—all birthday worthy food. Paul is just so talented I continue to be amazed at his prowess. Here are just a few facts about Paul: He can juggle….he loves rocky road ice cyn and paulcream (for which I can hardly respect him)….he speaks Dutch…he twirls his pen when he’s concentrating as good as any drill team member twirls a baton…he likes Latin girls, hence his wife…he can do any math problem in his head, hence his profession….he once broke the legs off of a piano…he loves to stay in his jammies longer than I think necessary…he plays the piano, much worse than myself…he gives great foot rubs.  Happy Birthday to such a baby face.

paul and bday cake


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