Saturday, April 11, 2009

Being Selfish

I had a million things to do the other day and I ignored most of them. Instead, I decided that I needed (I use that term loosely) a new runner for my table. So I stacked 4 12” squares of fabric, cut them all crazy, shuffled the pieces, and pieced them together. This is the result. Next time I’ll avoid the puckery edges by binding them. (I’m just too lazy to bind quilts.) But I am fairly happy with the results. So is my vase of tulips.
tulips of new table runner 003 tulips of new table runner2 011 tulips of new table runner 004

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Funny Bunny

My friend Kelly sent me this picture today. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ode to Hard Work

housework I can’t do it all, so I don’t even try
Because if I tried to, surely I’d cry
I shun scrapbooking and book clubs
And rarely clean the stove
And still you might ask,
Why I’m still so overload?

Well, there’s scouts and soccer,
lessons on piano for potential
And dang that laundry seems to grow exponential!
I always dread scrubbing our four showers and tubs
I’d rather read a cookbook all about dry rubs (huh?)

I run my own business, sometimes that a chore
Plus being
YW president  is just adding work more.
And I refuse to cook from a package for dinner.
My homemade pesto really is a winner.

I really need to stop, burned out I’m becomingexercise
Spreading myself too thin is so habit forming
So what can I cut out? What can go bye bye?
I’ll gladly give up the demon exercise.

So here’s to being so busy sometimes I sure feel
Like a chicken with her head cut off, who will eventually keel.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cynthia’s Favorite Things

If my name started with “O” and if I had my own TV show, then what I’m about to say would change America. Gratefully, my name starts with “C” and on most days I merely have an audience of three. But I’ll share some of my favorite things with all my cyber friends.

broccoli slaw1. Broccoli Slaw: I discovered the shredded contents of this little bag a few months ago. And I am nearly giddy over it! Minimum effort, maximum output. It looks like a bag of shredded cabbage but it’s really a bag of ultra-healthy shredded broccoli, carrots, and cabbage. It’s the fastest way to get stir fry, broccoli salad, chicken lettuce wraps, and pad thai on the table for dinner. No chopping, no washing, no work at all. Open the bag and instant nutrition for this sometimes lazy cook. I’ll stop now.

2. Ipod touch: I bought myself the iPod touch for my birthday in January. I use it for everything—my ipod_touchcalendar, my phonebook, my email, my grocery lists, check the weather, storing pictures to show clients, games to occupy scared children in the dentist’s office, and most importantly, music to plug into my stereo to get me through the morning dishes. Color me happy.

bravery 3. Favorite tunes: I can’t stop listening to the following albums and if I was 12 again and had them on tape I probably would’ve worn out the tape by now. I’m sure loving The Bravery’s album “The Sun and the Moon”, Coldplay’s album “Viva la Vida” and Ian Mcculloch’s (former singer of Echo and The Bunnymen)“Sideling”. And thanks to #2 you now know how I am enjoying these tunes. These guys practically make the dishes enjoyable. Ok, palatable.

4. The O’Reilly Factor: I started watching Mr. O’Reilly during the election in theoreilly fall because I was sick of all the ultra liberal media on the networks. Well, I fell in love with Mr. O’Reilly’s cranky style and haven’t missed an episode yet, thanks to my DVR. For once, I feel like an informed American who understands what’s going on in our country thanks to Fox News and websites like

5. Nutri-Mill Wheat Grinder: Before you stop reading, please know that I am not a health nut. Taste first, nutrition second. I like butter and bacon. And while I know those two foods will kill me, I’d rather eat them rarely than eat their substitutes regularly. I say that because other than good wheat bread II nutrimill_bread_202rarely like any whole wheat products. They taste heavy and healthy. But something changed for me recently when I discovered that white wheat produces lovely baked goods while my usual red wheat is heavy with a strong ‘wheat’ flavor. So I bought a Nutri-Mill wheat grinder and have converted to using whole wheat in nearly everything. I dare you to taste the difference between my white flour baked goods and my new whole wheat baked goods—pancakes, waffles, cookies, banana bread, etc. (With one exception—strawberry shortcakes are not as good with wheat flour.) I rarely use the white stuff now and am so proud of myself. Trust me, flavor is always first in my kitchen. But I am pleased to announce that healthy is now delicious.

So there you have it, rush on out, be a good capitalist, and spend some money. Ah, the power of viral marketing. Who am I kidding, I’m lucky if 5 people read my blogs.


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