Thursday, May 14, 2009

I’m Keen on Keane

keaneI reverted back to my teenage years the other night. For an hour and half I went deaf in both ears and screamed lyrics at the top of my lungs while dancing at the Keane concert in Salt Lake City. My sister Patty bought us 3rd row tickets—the poor teenagers had nose-bleed seats—definitely the advantage of being 35 now with more disposable income. Keane has three albums out and I assured Patty she would not be sorry in offering me her extra ticket for I am a true fan. So we whooped and hollered every song till our throats ached. We’ve always had a weakness for British singers/bands. We’re pretty sure the lead singer Tom Chaplin was impressed with our prowess at knowing all the lyrics—as he should be as I seem to forget a lot lately, namely registering my daughter for kindergarten and reminding my son about scouts. But thankfully my brain remembers the important things like the lyrics to Crystal Ball.

Love this video (click here to watch…don’t know why the you tube link is broken.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feathering My Nest

DSC_0015 I sure miss having the time to sew for myself these days. But I have been dieing to  make myself DSC_0024new pillows for my bedroom. It’s been at least a year (too long in my book) to stare at the same pillows day after day when I make my bed. So I used some canvas prints by Amy Butler’s August Fields collection and a wild and crazy zebra print. Every room needs a touch of black in my opinion. I have found myself dog-earring any of the pages in my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine that had zebra print pillows in the room. Not as a focal point, but just as an accessory—like a good necklace. So here’s to setting aside the 9 orders sitting on my desk in favor of spoiling myself. Me likey.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Proud to Be An American

DC Trip 152 I’m not going to go on and on in this post about how fabulous our trip to Washington DC was. Because really,who cares. As much as I try to read long blog posts—no matter how interesting—invariably I end up skimming the long paragraphs as I stare at the photos.   Instead I’ll try to concisely articulate my thoughts as I walked around the city
Care's Photos 201
I was proud to be an American as I stared up at this giant statue memorializing this great man who saved the Union.
Care's Photos 227
I was proud to be an American as I read just a few of these names…wondering how their loss affected their families. And grateful that my own Dad came home.
DC Trip 040
I was proud to be an American as I stood with hundreds of others in the rotunda of the Capital…thinking about the history that is still made in this building. E Pluribus Unum! (Truly my favorite tour.)
DC Trip 310 Care's Photos 536
I was proud to be an American as I watched these soldiers guard the tomb of one who is unknown. There was also something poignant about walking around a graveyard in the spring and watching the blossoms and flowers come alive again. It reminded me of He who died so these soldiers (and all others)could live again.
DC Trip 116
I was proud to be an American as I taught my children about the significance of the Supreme Court building.
DC Trip 127
I was proud to be an American as I contemplated the freedom of expression we all enjoy as I passed this church just across the street from the Supreme Court.
DC Trip 342
I was proud to be an American as I walked around the now quiet fields of Gettysburg.
 DC Trip 204
I was proud to share this all with my family. God Bless America!


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