Saturday, September 10, 2016

Taking my Son's Senior Portraits

Graduation was months ago. My son is now living in the Dominican Republic as a missionary, but finally I am writing about his senior portraits. It is possible to take your own kiddo's senior portraits. Here is proof!
Love taking photos on a cloudy day, no harsh sun.

Nathan is a happy kid. But put him in front of a camera, especially when it is drizzling with rain in early May, and out comes the crabby kid.

The photo below was at the beginning of the photo shoot. No smiles. Sheesh kid.

You can see the rain in this shot!

The photo below is at the end of the photo shoot when he had finally loosened up and he allowed his sister and me to tease him and make him laugh.
Taken in Provo, Utah on Boat harbor Drive, near Utah Lake. ISO 250, f/4, 1/800 second,  

I took all the photos with my Nikon d750 using my Nikon 85mm 1.8 prime lens. It's a beautiful portrait lens. Couldn't be happier with its quality.

All photos are edited in Adobe Lightroom. I added a slight vignetting around each photo for drama and depth.
Photo taken in Spanish Fork, Utah on a cloudy day at 2:00pm.

Taken on Boat Harbor Drive in Provo, Utah near Utah Lake

My favorite! ISO 250, 1/200 second, f/4, 

One thing that was smart was bringing my daughter along to make him laugh and smile eventually. Aren't they the cutest?

I even got in a photo or two. Just to prove I was even there ya know.

I printed the graduation announcements at AdoramaPix using this template and the pearl finish for the paper.  I am not a fan of collages for announcements. Pick one amazing photo for the front, and one for the back. Don't clutter the announcement, keep it classy and simple.

Adorama Pix template used.

I took the photos on a Saturday afternoon and had them ordered by that night. Not bad for a day's work!

Oh, and why do kids grow up so fast?


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