Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun Fonts

monogram pillow 003, originally uploaded by meringuedesigns.
Can you guess what font this is? It's a Disney font called Waltograph. Kind of cute, huh? I made two of these for a client's teenage daughter. Her mom works for anthropologie. (color me jealous) and commissioned these pillows to go with her daughter's new bedding. Lucky girl!

Happy Little Bird

turquoise bird 2, originally uploaded by meringuedesigns.
Some of the best designs come from a client's request. I just love how the turquoise and red came together. I hope the pillows I made for her brighten up her Chicago home this winter. Luscious!

Going Home Again

They say you can never go home again, but I sure felt at home this last week as I ate my mom’s chile rellenos and tamales. Mi mama es la mejor cocinera.

california trip 014

And it sure felt like home when I took my kids to Huntington Beach. How many hours did I spend there as a teenager worshiping the sun? (Remind me to feed Nathan more.)

california trip 053

It also felt like home seeing a layer of yummy brown smog blanket the Los Angeles valley. (Here we are at the Griffith Observatory.)

california trip 033 california trip 022

It also felt like home watching my mom teach Ilene how to make lemon meringue pie.  I still crimp my pie crust edges just like she taught me.

california trip 017

Who says you can’t go home again--at least for 5 days at a time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Addicted to Color

stitchInspired by this pillow (Stitch is my new favorite magazine) I made my ninepatchown. Anyone who knows me knows I am addicted to color (tastefully, no hot pink walls around here) and that I shun beige. Life is too short for beige.

Stop Staring

DSC_0013 Does staring at my maple tree make me materialistic? Because it is an object…I do love it…and I can’t stop staring at it while I eat meals at my dining table. I told Paul we could never move because I’d miss my maple. He quickly said that was the best  money he ever spent. Wise guy.

Alas, the crimson leaves are now falling with the temperatures and I find myself baking again and making stews and soups. Welcome fall.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bye Bye Summer


DSC_0021Every year I write a blog about the end of summer. It’s pathetic really how I lament the end of heat each September. Yesterday Ilene had her last soccer game of the season and the temperature gauge in my care said it was 49 degrees. It was September 30th, depressing. However, it was also windy and I could barely watch the game while I shivered. Thanks goodness my friend Kelly (pictured here) brought a huge thermos of hot chocolate and was kind enough to share plenty with me. At least the mountains looked gorgeous in all their gold and red fall colors.  



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