Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Winter Birthdays

It’s only February 5th and so far we’ve celebrated three birthdays in our household of five. That’s a lot of cake.


First, came my birthday on January 14th. It was the big 40th birthday. All my amazing friends brought me treats like meringues, flan, homemade croissants, and éclairs. That’s a lot for one middle-aged woman to eat but I did my best. I almost made myself my own cake but then decided to buy some Provo Bakery Donuts instead. Oh yea, those hit the spot.

I asked my hubby for a 40th birthday party but he just couldn’t come through—it’s not in his DNA to throw parties. I love him to pieces and he treats me wonderfully every day of my life (think foot rubs and dishes) but still, a party would have been nice. After all I threw him a party for his 40th a couple years ago as evidenced by these photos. I’m such a good wifey.

DSC_1360 copyDSC_1364 copyDSC_1373 copyDSC_1375 copy

Back to the birthdays in 2014.

The next birthday was my daughter’s big day.  She turned 13. Gulp.


For her big day I made a Texas Sheet Cake by Cooks Country with Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa powder. Umm, that makes for a cake that is almost black. The kids were a bit thrown off by the color but once I told them Oreos are made with dark cocoa that is Dutched they were okay with that. Not to mention once we tasted it…….holy cow. Best Texas Chocolate Sheet cake ever. And I’ve made a lot of them.

Sorry for the night time photos but I think you can still see just how nearly-black this cake is! So good.



Brothers and rabbit ears. Good grief.


The third birthday came just last night for my youngest child—I can’t believe she is 10 now. Sheesh, where have the years gone? That last sentence made me sound old.  Sheesh again. For this birthday I made a Boston Cream Pie. Why is it called pie when clearly it’s a cake? I must know.


Cake filled with pastry cream and then smothered in ganache. Yes please.

It was as good as it looked.



Aren’t birthdays fun? The next birthday in this house is just 24 days away…..hmmm what kind of cake to make. Better start thinking now.


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