Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Family Pics

DSC_0005I finally got around to getting our family picture printed. The pictures were_MG_8525 copy taken in August, but life happens, so here it is finally. I had it printed on canvas this time and love how it turned out. We took the picture a few blocks away—right off the trail again—just like last time.  Thanks again to my talented brother Mike.

I love how cute my little family looks in this picture. Paul gets better looking with age, I’ve been converted to having my stylist do my hair the day of the photo shoot (dang my curly hair!), Nathan now wears contacts, Ilene’s front teeth have come in, and Hallie’s hair has been chopped, but I still love the photo. May it be happy for the next two years above our piano.

_MG_8403 copy B&W-2 (1)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings, originally uploaded by meringuedesigns.
Hooray! This was the year to make us all matching Christmas stockings. I embroidered our names in Scriptina font and digitized a few designs--mittens, aluminum trees, and snowmen--to adorn the fronts. Of course, I had to include linen to bring them all together. The front of each is a patchwork of fabrics. layered with cotton batting and muslin, then quilted. The back is simply a piece of 100% linen and the lining is natural muslin. I'm smiling right now at actually having done some Christmas sewing!

Hallie hates her (surprise) because I used a cursive font. She is afraid she won't know which one is hers. "I'm only 5! I can't read cursive!" No matter what I said, nothing could assuage her fears. But that's life as usual in this house--someone is always mad and I can never make everyone happy. Too bad Tootse, 'cause I like 'em and they're staying.


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