Friday, October 19, 2007

Fine Photography

I have no desire to be a photographer but I am completely enamored with fine photography. I just bought this tulip photo off of I framed it and wanted to share it with you all. I think it's glorious and not just because tulips are my favorite flower. (You knew that, right honey?) My father is an amateur photographer (who takes my family photo each year) and my brother, Mike Harrington, is a professional one for Super Chevy Magazine. Mike took the photo on the right of the clouds at sunset. (Yes, I know that is a huge wall and it could use more frames--I'm getting there.) That picture was taken at Heart Bar campground where as kids we camped at least 100 times. My dad and bro are super duper talented in this area. Thank goodness because I am slowly filling my house with framed art from those I know and those I wish I knew. Hooray for artists.


Ilene said...

I saw that you had bought that print (I stalk your etsy account by the way). I love it. I have my eye on a couple of her photographs too. Such good prices.

I wish I could take better pictures. But, in true Ilene fashion, I rather just appreciate other people's hard work.

Like the music! Love the Duran Duran.

Anonymous said...

See, and I wanted to comment becasue BREATHE by Erasure just came on your jukebox and I feel gratified because I gave you this album. SO GOOD! It's too bad their new album sucks so much.

But I really did mean to comment on your blog. So here goes....
I was with Mike when he took that photo you have from him. Having been part of the experience, I have even more respect for photographers. Because I learned that day that photographers must have a LOT of patience and be willing to get very dirty for a shot. Thus ends my hope of ever attaining that career.

ps. Siouxsie just came on. You know I have Peekabo as my ringtone for callers don't you? Sometimes people will leave me voicemails saying something like "I have no idea what song I just heard. You are wierd."

Anonymous said...

I love your new piano!


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