Monday, October 15, 2007

Future Arsonist

On Saturday I took Nathan to get his haircut—just the two of us. When I drove around alone with Nathan I try to keep the radio turned off so that this boy who doesn’t talk much may actually talk! Here is our conversation:

Nathan: Mom, if somebody didn’t want their house anymore, and wanted to build a new house, they wouldn’t have to tear it down. They could just burn it down!
Mom: No, Nathan. I don’t think someone is allowed to just burn their house down.
Nathan: Why not? Because it might catch someone else’s house on fire?
Mom: Yes, but also, most people, including us, don’t own our home outright yet. We are still making payments to the bank, so really, it’s the bank’s house and they don’t want us burning their stuff down.
Nathan: But once you pay it off, and it’s yours, you could burn it down right?
Mom: Nathan, why would someone pay off their house only to want to burn it down?

Nathan: Maybe it’s old and they don’t like it. Maybe they want to build a new house!
Mom: In that case, they could just re-decorate it. Or move. People don’t usually burn their houses down when they are tired of them. Houses are just too expensive for that.
Nathan: Oh. Well, if it's illegal to burn it down, how could they tear it down? With a big wrecking crane?

Mom: Sure, whatever.

Maybe I should just keep the radio on.


Ilene said...

Hee-hee. Love it. He certainly had thought that one through. I would suggest you keep matches on a much higher shelf.

abelnap said...

That's hilarious. It sounds like Hollis. Except she says things like, "Mom if there was a house and it was only $1, would you buy it." "That is not a house we would want to buy Hollis." "Why not?" "Because if it was a dollar there would be something wrong with it for sure." "Ok, well if nothing is wrong with it, it was a perfect house, would you buy it?" "Probably not." "How come?" Because if it is a perfect house and is only a dollar then it would probably be too small." "Well, if it was perfect, and it was big enough for our whole family, and it was a dollar would you buy it?" "Nope." "How come?" "Because if it is big enough, and it is perfect, and 'they' are selling it for a dollar, then it must be a house in Siberia. Either that or the outer reaches of Wyoming." "Where is Siberia?" "In Russia, on the continent of Asia." "What's wrong with living in Siberia?"

So, I think you get the picture. Why, you may ask, don't I just say, "Sure, we'd buy the house?" Who knows? I just like to torture myself with the unending ridiculous questions.

PS--darling pear bag! Holy cow are you amazing or what?! I have a wish list for your store. Scripture tote, make-up bag, birthday banner, banner for every other holiday to offset the enormous amount of tole painting in my home, apron, and now PEAR BAG. I want to be you when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of Nathan!Conversations like that make me wonder what other thoughts are going through our kids little brains


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