Friday, October 19, 2007

50th Sale on Etsy

Most of you know I have been selling on for about 6 weeks now. I thought I’d tell ya a little bit about what I’ve learned as I’ve just about hit my 50th sale.

1. I’ve learned that some customers want a bargain no matter what. I’m sorry but it you have $150 to spend on three of my purses you don’t need to ask for a shipping discount! You loaded!
2. I’ve learned that to ship to Singapore is a rip-off. Is the package being delivered by elephant? Why so much moo-lah?
3. I’ve learned that I can make as much money as I want to. Meaning, if I could sew 4 hours a day I could make a lot more. This is quite the trial for me as I am a good capitalist American and LOVE to make money. There is literally a devil on one shoulder telling me that money is everything and an angel on the other shoulder telling me to read to my kids and clean my house. Nobody pays me to clean my toilets but people will pay me to make ‘em some pillows. Curse housework.
4. I’ve learned that compared to many other sellers on I sell pretty normal stuff. These mesh glasses are the weirdest item I’ve seen yet.
5. I’ve learned to love the post office. They ain’t as evil as I thought. (Except of course for the ones who shoot people dead when they’re having a bad day.)
6. I’ve learned this week that I earned enough money to pay for myself to go to Hawaii! (Leaving in 15 days, not that I’m counting.) Hip hip hooray!


Ilene said...

You earned enough to go to Hawaii? That makes me want to take up sewing. however, I think my products wouldn't earn me enough to get me to the next town.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at #5. I just wanted to share that with you. CARE

Evelyn Jackson said...

Oh, but what about this beauty I found on Etsy:

Loving your blog :)


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