Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monogrammed Make-Up Bags

For teacher appreciation week I didn’t have much time. But I definitely wanted my kids’ teachers to know how much I appreciate them. (At least the kids’ teachers in elementary school. Not sure how to do gifts for 7 teachers in junior high.)
These little 5x5 inch zipper pouches are made in about 10 minutes. The embroidery on the black canvas also took about 10 minutes each, so in less than one hour I made two little gifts for some awesome teachers. We all need a little make up bag for our purse don’t we? Yup, I couldn’t live without my powder compact and lip gloss.
The monogram is my Roman Wreath design. You can stitch it with the included letters or you can use the blank wreath and add your own letter.
Oh, and the little 5” zippers and awesome zipper pulls came from zipit on etsy. I’ve never seen pulls like that—love them. Can’t wait to add them to anything with a zipper. I assume you all know how to make these super simple zippy pouches, but if not, just google “how to make a zipper pouch” or watch this video I found on youtube. This video is almost exactly how I make my pouches only I shorten the zipper (if necessary) before hand and I do not use lining since I used canvas for the exterior.


Kirkskornerathome said...

Very nice zipper pouches. Love your embroidery!

Mirna said...

Cynthia: You said you don't use lining but the bag has a lining. Did you mean you don't use interfacing since you use canvas?

Cynthia said...

You're right--no interfacing.


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