Friday, March 25, 2011

Aquarelle Fonts

I love digitizing fonts for embroidery. Why? Because the ones that come with most embroidery software programs are real snoozers. I mean, they are usually boring and juvenile. So I search out cool fonts online, download them, and digitize them.
This is my latest embroidery font for sale, it’s called Aquarelle or in some places, Passions Conflict. The latter is sure a sappy name. (Y0u can download this true type font by clicking here.)
aquarelle font maren pillow (4)
I am super duper careful when selling my digitized fonts to call them alphabets, and not fonts. Why? Because each letter has to be sold individually. To spell the above name, ‘Maren’, you have to open 5 files—M-A-R-E-N and use appropriate software to combine them into a pleasing pattern, save the file, and then send that file to your embroidery machine via USB drive or connected cables. I’ve had MANY customers buy my “alphabets” and then quickly email me and ask how they install that font in their software so that they can just type the word “Maren” on their keyboard, and voila, it will come up! I tell them, it’s impossible unless you buy software that costs close to a bazillion dollars to digitize any true type font.  Still, I get those emails whether I call it a ‘font’ or an ‘alphabet’.
You can skip this paragraph if you want, but I’m gonna tell you what is involved in digitizing a font. First, you open the lowercaes letter “a”.  Then you make it 1” tall, then you watch an animation of it being ‘stitched out’ in case the computer’s default is something really wacky. I would say 5% of the time it is wacky, which means I have to completely re-draw the letter myself, which takes a while. Then I save this file as “lowercase letter a  aquarelle”. Then you’ll do this 25 more times for the rest of the alphabet. Then 26 more times for the uppercase letters. Then you’ll repeat the 2 more times for 2” sizes and 3” sizes. In the end, you’ll have digitized 156 files. This takes hours. Then I have to sew up some samples, make any necessary tweaking to the digital files, photograph my samples, and edit the photos.
Now it’s time to convert these 156 files from Bernina’s proprietary file exentions of .ART so that all other machine users can use them. I sell in .ART, .DST, .HUS, .JEF, .PES, .SEW, .VIP, and .VP3.
Phew, I’m tired just typing it. It usually takes me a week or two to do all this. And then I sell the digitized files for cheap—llike $5.75 cheap. (It’s all about having a high turnover and low profit margin baby.  At least that’s what they tell ya the first day of business school in college) Some alphabets I have sold over 200 times….some only 10 times. I hate it when the latter happens.
aquarelle font maren pillow (2) copy
Either way, I love how this Aquarelle font alphabet turned out. The above pillow is for a teenage girl….I hope it’s grown up enough for her, but still uber cool. The below pillow also used the Aquarelle font….this pillow is now in a local furniture shop for sale here in Utah Valley. I hope it finds a good home.
family forever (2) copy


QuiltingCyclist said...

As usual, I love it. Back in Tucson after our week riding our bicycles in the desert. Home safe & sound. Keep on with your wonderful work!

Nicole said...

I still haven't so much as tried embroidery on my machine, but once I get caught up a bit more (haha!) on some sewing projects I will...then I will be visiting your shop frequently! Also, I love the Aquarelle font... I've used it for many vinyl projects. You do beautiful work! It's refreshing and modern.

Mirna said...

I have purchased a few of your Alphabets and have loved them! I have since purchased Font Engine from Embird which allows me to use True Type fonts and digitizes them for me. It is an investment since you have to have Embird Basic to run the add-on Font Engine. So only for those that are really planning on using it quite a bit.

Hats off to you for putting so much care into your work and selling for a reasonable price!

Anonymous said...

Just got caught up with your blog, forgot how much I missed your sense of humor!!!!


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