Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Make Stocking Ornaments

How cute are these little stocking ornaments? A great way to use those little embroidery designs. But if you don’t have an embroidery machine you can just use really cute printed fabric. Click here to get the pattern for free. Alright, I realize you don’t really need a pattern for a stocking, but hey it’s free, so take it or leave it ya begger. The stocking itself took 5 minutes to make, the embroidery took 7 minutes. Not bad, huh?
I really like how my embroidered snowman turned out. He (or she?) can be purchased here.
snowman stocking (5) copy
And my shaggy-edges little Christmas tree just makes me happy to look at.
blue christmas tree edited
So here’s how you make these little guys:
Download the pattern and cut out your fabric. Embroider the fabric first, but that’s optional. Make sure the stocking pieces are cut mirror image, like below.
blue christmas tree (1)
Place right sides together of the stocking pieces and sew all around, except the top. Place the cuff pieces right sides together and stitch just the sides. (I don’t know if you can see in the photo but I did serge (or you can zig-zag) the bottoms. But you don’t have to. Then place the cuff over your stocking—right sides together—and pin in place, like below picture.
blue christmas tree (11)
Sew around the top, attaching the cuff to the stocking. Pull up the cuff, like below picture and press with iron.
blue christmas tree (10)
Tuck the cuff all the way inside, iron again, then fold cuff over 1-2” inches and press again. Use a small piece (3” inches or so)of ribbon or scrap of bias tape, fold in half, tuck in the raw edges, double stitch through all layers.
blue christmas tree (9)
Hang and admire!
blue christmas tree edited small
I know, I know it’s only November, not even past Turkey Day and here I am posting about Christmas. Well, to fill a tree with all of these stockings will take a while to make, so you better get started early. These would make great little neighbor gifts too. Hmmm….there’s an idea for me as well.


midnight hysteria said...
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Cynthia said...

it should work now! sorry\!

midnight hysteria said...

worked great, cynthia .... thanks .... looks cute; i need 10 for rs next week ... looks easy, peasy ...

Kelli said...


I just LOVE all of your designs! I own a fabric store in Mesa, and I keep buying your designs and doing them and putting them up for display. They are a hit!! So, I'll just send business your way when my customers need to know the source of the embroidery design. Anyway we are having a store contest on Christmas stockings, and I wanted to make the stocking that you have displayed on your website with the "Scriptina" font (which I already bought.) Would you be willing to part with that pattern? Thanks - you are such an inspiration to me!

Kelli Erickson
Sally's Fabrics, Inc.

Kelli said...

P.S. I think I'm going to do these smaller stockings for my visiting teachers. Yay!

Kelli Erickson
Sally's Fabrics, Inc.


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