Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scripture Tote Bag

CTR%20Ring%201scripture tote (11) Hallie has been needing a new scripture tote bag. She grew out of her old scripture bag made by my fabulous (now far away friend) Candy of Candy Argyle Designs. So I made Hallie a new bag for church. While I was contemplating how to decorate her bag (yes, I think about these boring details) I had an embroidery customer email me asking if I had an CTR designs. CTR stands for Choose The Right which is basically the theme for all Sunday School children of the LDS faith. Well, I didn’t have such a design, but I said I could quickly make one. So being the brilliant gal that I am, I put those two ideas together—a CTR Scripture Bag! If you’d like to buy the design, click here.
If you’d like to make this scripture, bag you’ll need to cut:
Main body: 1 piece, 18”x11” of canvas,
Top strips: 2 pieces, 2”x11” each
Cotton batting to interface for structure: 1 piece, 21”x11”
Lining: : 1 piece of lightweight cotton, 21”x11”
Straps: You’ll need 2 pieces of 1-inch handbag webbing 19” each.
Fabric to cover straps: Cut 2 pieces of lightweight cotton 3”x19”
That should be it for your supplies!
I’m too lazy to type here all my steps, but trust me, it’s easy.  Like 30-minutes easy for this speedy sewer and maybe 1 hour for those without the Speedy-Sewer-Super Power. Just google “how to sew a tote bag”. But if you’d read this far, you obviously already know how to sew and don’t need no stinkin’ directions.
On the other side I added my Boutique Tag with her name, and voila, cute and chic scripture bag for lil’ miss Hallie.
scripture tote0


Win said...

SO cute Cynthia. I am sure Hallie is very excited for her bag!

Anonymous said...

This is too cute!

Unknown said...

so cute.. yes the scripture totes are WAY easy we made them last year for all the primary kids even I sewed some..
you are really so talented!!!

midnight hysteria said...

darling ... wish i had an embroidery machine, too, and i would be able to add the ctr to my dgds (darling granddaughters) bags ... i add inner pockets and stitch *lines* in them to make pockets for pencils, pens and, for the oldest who is a mia maid, i made a spot for her cell phone ... for tevia, the eldest, i made the bag bigger (longer and wider) and made a place for her young women books (which her ward had spiral bound together so they would not be forgotten or *lost* .... LOL)

thanks, cynthia, for showing us your beautiful work -- i always forget to take pics and post them ;-(((

Brittany & Barry said...

I LOVE it!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

Kelli said...

Okay - I love this bag too. I have four girls - I think I'll buy the CTR design - good gifts for Christmas!!

Kelli Erickson
Sally's Fabrics, Inc.

DebbieD said...

Do you sell the completed bags??? This is ADORABLE! Better than any I've seen on Etsy. Let me know - I'd order 3 :)


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