Wednesday, May 06, 2020

2x4 Quilt

Another quilt is done during this corona virus time! Lots of time at home means lots of time for sewing. I have been inspired by all the amazing 2x4 quilts, like this one and this one. Mine is a twin-size quilt perfect for the foot of my king size bed or a couch quilt for two to cuddle under.

Here's the loose math to make your own:
Cut 3" strips, sew together in alternating colors to make 4 strips altogether. I chose to use whites and grays for the background colors and bright colors for the main colors.

Cut 5" strips from those 4-strip sections.

My twin size quilt is 7x9 blocks, so I needed 63 blocks.  Each blocks is 9"x10" before being sewn altogether.

The back of the quilt was sent out for quilting. I chose a 'wood grain' pattern.


Stacks of lovely quilts!

Twin size quilt are perfect for the foot of a king size quilt

I always embroider the year it was completed


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