Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Take That You Evil Snow!

Snow is powerful stuff. After 3 months of constantly having this white stuff on the ground it begins to affect me in strange ways. Snow has the power to make me want to sell my house and move closer to the equator. Snow leaks toxic fumes into the air which, if inhaled enough, make me yell at my kids. These toxic fumes also lead me to long bouts of baking cakes, pies, and crisps. It makes me log onto the internet and browse airline rates to Heaven, aka, Southern California. Snow is what your mother warned you about.

But today, for the first time in a few months, we hit 44 degrees. The kids were all excited as I picked them up from the bus stop, coat in hands. "Mom it is HOT today. I don't even need my coat!" So like all good kids with cabin fever in February, Ilene thought it was perfect bike weather. She got this very pink bike for her birthday in January and it has sat in the garage due to all the blankety-blank snow that just won't melt. On Saturday, Paul took our snow shovel and cleared ALL the sidewalks on our side of the street so that his little girl could ride up and down. So today was her second time getting to ride the bike in the sunshine. Enjoy the weather little girl, tomorrow it goes 'cold' again.


Anonymous said...

I remember you dreamily telling me of your childhood in So. Cal where you get to wear cute easter dresses without the sweaters and you actually get to go out and ride your Christmas bike :-)

Ilene said...

So funny, it got into the 40s this week too and I called it 'balmy.' My mind is so twisted in this environment. I can hardly believe that I can see grass on the ground; albeit dead, brown grass. I thought I forgot what grass looked like.

Maybe spring will come after all.

Anonymous said...

Can I just have a loud, "Amen!"

I am with you, sister dear.



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