Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nephites vs. Lamanites

The kids are always hyper after church. Always.

All three of them are playing around and 'rough housing' when the following conversation occurs:

Hallie: "Hey guys, let's plays Lamanites!"

Nathan: "No Hallie, let's play Nephites. The Nephites are good."

Hallie: "I don't wanna be good. I wanna be bad!"

Two minutes later.....

Hallie: "Now let's play Nephites! Because I'm good to Jesus and I teach people!"


Michael Harrington said...

Well, at least she came to the Nephite side. A quick repentance indeed!

Care Bear said...

That’s a great moment right there. At some point we should blog about the time we got spanked for playing “baptism” in the bathtub. Not exactly a shining moment from our childhood…

Upon further reflection, we really SHOULD blog about the antics that got us in trouble with Mom and Dad. We have endless fodder to select from, I am sure!

Ilene said...

Everyday I get Jackson asking me to tell him a story about the "Jesus, Lamanites, Nephites, and Satan."

I find myself praying for times when I don't have to be telling him another scripture "fight" story.

Looking at Carolyn's remarks, I remember Paul demonstrating baptisms for the dead on us in our spa. I thought it was great fun.


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