Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ode to Postum

Oh Postum, Postum please come back
How could Kraft just give you the ax?
I should’ve stocked up, for that I am berated
Even Seinfeld knew you were so under rated.
I’ve drank you all these years so long
Now I’m singing the Postum-blues song

You’ve been my drink since I was small
I still love you now, though I’m almost 6 feet tall.
In the winter I loved you hot with sugar and cream
In the summer, so cold, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
That former delight I called it a Postu-ccino
Twas the drink of choice for this girl from Chino

I could never make my husband on you sold
But what does he know? That boy likes Rocky road!
Now my kids, my kids, here’s my big “Oh No”
I never shared you with them, instead giving them cocoa.
Perhaps if I shared you we would’ve bought more
And now I could find you at the grocery store.

Alas, you are gone, gone, with the likes of Tab *
Perhaps I could brew you in my kitchen, my lab?
No, no, I don’t think that will cure my fix
I’ll just have to switch to Pero or Cafix

So farewell, farewell to my hot anti-coffee friend
And just know that I loved you all the way to the end.

* I know you can still buy Tab but it rhymed, back off.


Ilene said...

My favorite rhyme was cappacino and Chino.

I've never had Postum and now I feel a little sad about that.

Poor, poor Postum.

Poor, poor Cynthia.

Jenny said...

oh, this made me feel better for as long as i laughed, and then i felt sad again. ! POSTUM--there is no replacement! i've tried other roasted grain drinks...sigh sigh sigh...

Care Bear said...

Didn't you earlier blog in the dammit doll that you were lacking prowess in poetry? Well, this little ditty made me laugh until it scared me. If Postum were alive, it'd be taking out a restraining order against you now.

Michael Harrington said...

Your little ode this answer begs
About the drink I had with toast and eggs.
‘Twas “Mormon coffee” we were told.
It kept us warm when we were cold.
When it was cheap we each could drink,
A cup or two without a blink.
Coffee prices then shot up,
It cost a fortune for a cup!
The run on Postum spelled its doom,
As its price too began to zoom!
Now, to Kraft I have these words to tell,
You and Postum can go to hell!


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