Thursday, February 14, 2008

A ScreenSaver that Saves

I realize I blog too much about our long winters here in Utah, so quit reading if you're tired of the whining until April or so.

This is the wall paper on my computer right now. It reminds me that somewhere on this planet we could still use the phrase "God's green Earth." Because right now if I were to use that phrase I'd change it to "God's white snowy slushy Earth." Not quite the same effect.

(This is a picture of me at Akaka Falls, near the city of Hilo, on the island of Hawaii. Sigh.)


Anonymous said...

I am trying to be responsible and not spend our money on a trip to are not helping :-)that pic is beautiful

cyn the win said...

Why be responsible Laurie? Can I come to Mexico too?

Ilene said...

Today the sun was shining and I was teased into thinking that spring will come to these parts. My hopes were crushed as snow dumped down tonight. I try not to take the weather personally.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter,

I think you have shot yourself in the foot if you hope for us to move to Utah after we retire!

Go ahead and post these anti-winter stories, but I am warning you... you make Mesquite look like a viable alternative. Or, just stay here in sunny socal and send you enticing pictures then charge you room and board when you succumb to the temptaion.

Oh, by the way...Monday it was in the 80's here.



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