Saturday, August 09, 2008

Not the Summer of Cynthia

Summer is pretty much over. Oh sure, the mercury will continue to remain high for another month or so, but my kids start school in one week, so really, it’s over. I am openly rejoicing that the kids will go back to school, and privately mourning that this was not the summer of Cynthia. Summer of Cynthia, what’s that you ask? Well, if you read my blog regularly and you know me at all, you know that I hate everything about winter—coats, snow, muddy slush, and especially washing my hands in icy water out of the tap. (Our water heater is on the second floor so it takes 2-3 minutes to get hot.) Now, here are 4 points what would’ve made this a Summer of Cynthia.

1. If I had planted my tomato plants earlier (although we did have frost in June so they would've died anyway) I would already be eating homegrown ones instead of still eating store bought ones. Gag.

2. Snow in June. See this post.

3. If BYU hadn’t changed their pool policy to students and faculty only I would’ve gone swimming more than three times this whole summer. And I actually had 3 cute suits for this summer. (Leftover from Hawaii last fall.) Our city has one outdoor public swimming pool. One!!!

4. A vacation with just me and my little family. Alas, summer is when my poor husband must become a work-a-holic due to all the types of clients he has, so he can hardly get time off. He did take two days off to be stay-at-home-dad while I went to YW camp, 1 day to drive to California to see my family and 2 days to go to Idaho for his family reunion. Every year we say this is the year we’ll go to Arches National Park, hike the narrows in Zion National Park, or go to Yellowstone. *insert big sigh here*

I am not joking when I say that summer fills my happiness canteen and gets me through the winter. Since the canteen was never filled I'm a bit worried about my sanity. Thanks goodness I love to bake cakes and make hot soup. That will be my prescription sooner than I'd like to think to get me through the icy days ahead.


jessica said...

I haven't filled my canteen yet!!! We ate some orange-ish tomatoes from our garden the other night with dinner. They were cherry tomatoes so they were still tasted okay...I hate spending money on produce that I have growing in my backyard!

Ilene said...

My first tomatoes ripened while we were in Chicago.

Now I need to wait another month for the little green ones to get ready. It will probably happen while I am gone giving birth.

I can't believe it is August. At least you get to send a couple of kids to school, though.

Anonymous said...

My canteen tried to get filled, and it leaked. I feel your pain, my sister. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Hey when you get ready to pop in the winter just purchase a plane ticket and come sun yourself on a beach here in Florida! Florida fall and winters are the best! You always have a place to stay when you come out here!

colleeeen said...

i know i'm a lousy substitute for your husband, but i'd hike the Narrows with you.

Carolyn said...

Mom and Dad have an open invite to park their trailer in Zion and I am hoping they take that invite up very soon now that the summer hear willl be gone shortly. If we went to Zion in a month or so, could you come???? that would be stinking AWESOME.

Carolyn said...

oops meant summer HEAT. And mom says she would do all the hikes.


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