Friday, August 08, 2008

Fun Find

I found these amazing modern vinyl decals from another etsy seller. His shop name is One Up Designs. I can't believe how cute these turned out! I want everything in his shop. Oh drat, there go my own etsy profits for a while. They are such a refreshing alternative to all those other very cutesy decals out there. Hooray for modern!

(Yes, I know the girls' room is in serious need of some TLC but it's good enough for now. I never said I was a perfectionist.)


Paul said...

TLC? The room is clean for once. What more do they need?

Well I guess the 'N' in "ILENE" could be painted and rehung on the wall!

Carolyn said...

Those are so cool Cynthia! Non stupid looking vinyl, I'm going to check this etsy shop out. Not that I can do anything good to this place I live in, but I can dream.

Ilene said...

Love the polka dots. I need to check it out for my girl's room!


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