Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ode to Summer

Summer has finally come, rejoice with song!
I’ve been dreaming of you for oh so long
Warmer days make me elated
'Cause winter made me mean and jaded

All of a sudden life seems carefree
My kids stay in the pool away from me
Windows open, breezes blowing
I was beginning to wonder if you were coming.

Give me the heat oh any day,
Snow is evil please stay away
So here’s to sandals and shorts, this is my plan
Poolside days and soon dark tans

I love the heat so much it’s true
I rarely run my A/C cooler
For when summer is here
I want to fry like Sizzle-lean
May it last long and fill my happiness canteen


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I feel about Summer. And by summer I mean winter. Florida summer is a time to run the AC 24 hours a day! Unless you enjoy 90% humidity! And swarms of bugs.

Win said...

Oh, how poetic! I too love the heat! I thought the cold was never going to go away this year!!! Yeah, to summer!!!

jessica said...


Michael said...

California summers are an on-again-off-again affair. We have had warm days, hot days, and cold days. Today it will be 104! I don't need that! By the time you get here it could be cold...ya never know.

Ilene said...

I need to get our pool out... so the kids stay out.

When Dan isn't around the A/C is set to 80. I love being warm too.

Paul said...

Oh sun, dear sun shine your magical rays
The kids at play are kept at bay.
Skin turns a toasty brown
and nowhere can be seen a frown.
Overexposure (more than 20 minutes) turns my skin red
Too much time in an office--enough said.
Berries are in season
tastebuds finds a reason
to my tummy no more a teasin'!


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