Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Thought I Lived in A Desert?

As a Young Women leader in my church, I get to/have to/am privileged too/am forced to go to Young Women's camp. And aren't we lucky? This is my third year in a row going to camp, but the first year I am going in June. We are the first stake/congregation going--well, technically we are the second stake to go to camp this summer--there was one other stake going the week before us (this week) but it was cancelled due to the all the snow. I got word Sunday that we are definitely going to camp next week--even though it has been snowing for two days in the mountains. Camp Mia Shalom is located up Fairview Canyon and the elevation is over 8,000ft. These pictures were taken just a few days ago.

Now, if you know me, you know that the only thing worse than being hungry for me is being cold. As I sit here typing this on my laptop (in my warm kitchen) I am wearing a light coat because it is only in the 50s today--and I'm only at 4,500ft! Dang this cold spring! So wish me luck, wherever you are in the world, during June 10-14, as you eat a popsicle and wear shorts. I'll be wearing mud-caked shoes and a heavy coat. I know, wah wah, where's that tiny violin when I need it?


Casey said...

And I am sitting here in my shorts and air conditioned house away from the 95 degree weather that is hitting us. I hate to say it, but I think I might want that for maybe a day, no more than that though. I couldn't believe that when I was there the beginning of May for my niece's wedding that it snowed the night we flew in and the day of her wedding was freezing. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I heard that they canceled all of June? My friend was supposed to go this week and they can't even plow the roads. They ended up in a park in Lehi and got rained out 24 hours later :-( Good Luck!! You KNOW I will be thinking of you and will probably be the only person around feeling jealous :-)

thefoxkids said...

i think it might be time to come down with the flu! what a dedicated leader!!! i won't rub it in that it's suppose to be like in the 90's for us here in the East where its suppose to be cold!
have fun? stay warm? don't kill yourself!
gosh that didn't come out nearly as whitty as i had hoped..

Anonymous said...

Geeeeah. You have my sympathies, Cynthia. Costco has some GREAT Coleman sleeping bags right now that are rated to 25 dgrees for only $29.99 a piece. It's a good buy, and sounds like will be much-needed for camp!

Have fun!


aric & jess said...

Is there any way you can get out of fake a disease or something? I would never make it. I am ALWAYS cold and I have never been a fan of camping to begin with. I am feeling your pain girlfriend!

Ilene said...

I will pray for you.

Would you rather have a miraculous warm up of weather or a huge snow storm?

On the one hand you have beautiful weather but still have camp. On the other cruddy weather but no camp.

Anonymous said...

I will think of you Cyn, as I sit in nice warm California weather eating one of those all fruit popsicles the mexican guys sell from those jingly rolley carts that stroll through the neighborhood. Actually I wouldn't mind cold camping right now myself, but if I were in your weather I'd hate it. I hope you can managew to have fun. You can dream about your upcoming trip to California.

Michael said...

Hotter than heck here, plus I have a flu fever making me sweat one hour and freeze with my sweats on. So, it would seem I have a foot in both worlds.


Brian & Carly said...

Oh my gosh Cynthia...Is it bad that I'm sitting here for the first time thinking how grateful I am that my baby won't take a bottle????

cyn the win said...

i've been wondering why you've been such a trooper and WANTING to come along!!! enjoy your 11 week old baby at home. there is always next year--and next year we're going in july!! woo-hoo!


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