Monday, August 29, 2011


DSC_1214 copyUpcycling has to be the dumbest word ever. But I don’t care, it makes me sound environmentally friendly when really I am just cheap and trying to give new life to old clothes. This pair of khakis belonged to my 7 year old daughter last year. She wore them during 1st grade. At the end of 1st grade they naturally became too short.

So I set them aside in my sewing room knowing that I would cut them into shorts or capris for her and add some fun embroidery to give them a new life. Well, they sat in my sewing room. All summer long. I finally got around to giving them a make over last week. 

I cut them off to capri length first. Then I added bias trim to the bottom that was leftover from this quilt. And to cover the stains on the knees I added these cute “paint splashes” applique designs with the perfect Ta-Dot fabric by Michael Miller. I even added an extra one to the hip area, because well, the fabric is oh-so cute.

Total time? Probably a good 1 1/2 hours, too long in my book. I was excited for my now 2nd grade daughter to arrive home from school and try on her new capris!

And guess what, they didn’t fit anymore.  Color me angry. That’s what I get for trying to be frugal.

DSC_1213 copy

Screw frugality, that’s my new motto.


But I made her squeeze into them long enough to snap a few photos before giving them to  my friend Allison’s kindergartener.


Mirna said...

So cute. I just love Michael Miller's TaDot fabric. I also have it in several colors. I use it all the time. Sorry they didn't fit your daughter after all your work, but I am sure that your friends daughter was so happy to get them. Super Cute!

Beth said...

Too bad they didn't fit. These are so cute and creative!


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