Monday, August 01, 2011

I am featured on Etsy’s blog

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. My home is featured on Etsy’s “Get the Look” home decor blog this entire week.

Click here to read the article.

screenshot etsy aug1 2011

piano room edited

great room (8)

This is the column that I read weekly at etsy and was thrilled when the fabulous Christine contacted me and asked if they could feature my home. Now, I love my home, because, well…’s my home, but I didn’t think others would find it anything special.

It’s filled with inexpensive upholstered furniture from Ikea and my own handmade pillows. I rarely pay retail for anything as I have busy fingers that can work a sewing machine pretty well; hence, I work like Cinderella’s mice to save money for things like pianos and barter for other items like a green buffet in my kitchen.

Someday I want custom club chairs in the above room—with a really modern fabric print that will mask all the dirty hands and feet of my kids. Seriously, you should see the arms of these sad Ikea chairs—nearly black with dirt from grimey hands. (New linen covers from Ikea run $179. Each!) Thankfully the white slipcover of at least the sofa removes in seconds for washing. I have two extra of those anyway. Phew, bases covered there.

And someday (hopefully in just months!) I can get rid of those rustic knotty alder cabinets in my kitchen. Who pays extra for rustic is what I want to know? Why would you want your kitchen cabinets full of knots and holes in all the doors? They’re just grease catchers and a real eye sore. But here in the intermountain west, folks love knotty wood. Check any local listing for homes here in Utah and they list knotty alder as an upgrade. Are you kidding me? This stuff is garbage. Craigslist will be seeing these kitchen cabinets soon. Did I mention these same cabinets are in all the bathrooms and laundry as well?  When we walked through this home the first time with our realtor, I said to Paul, “You have to let me paint these cupboards. They’re awful.” He agreed. And then reneged once we moved in. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not, repeat not, ask my husband for permission to do things. Gag this feminist with a wooden spoon. But when it comes to our home, both should agree on major stuff like that, hence my unusual resignation. Sigh. Adding the white subway tile backsplash and under cabinet lighting helped diffuse the black hole look—brown cabinets, black countertops, and dark brown walls.


Well, five years later I couldn’t take it anymore, went all postal,  and at least painted the island bright white just last month. Filling the holes worked ok. Still holding out for white cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. And a 36” range.


Still, I tried to avoid any close up shots of my kitchen for the etsy article.

Please don’t think I’ll walk into your home and think ‘Wo, ugliness abounds’ if you love rustic knotty wood and dream of owning pieces from the Timberline Collection (huge here in Utah). I promise I don’t think that. The cabin look just isn’t my style, although I think it’s nice for cabins. And even then, I am grateful for a nice kitchen although I kind of sound like a snooty-tooty snob describing it. Growing up in California we had several earthquakes that eventually rendered our kitchen cabinets permanently tilted. The only way to keep them closed was to slide a butter knife between the handle pulls to keep ‘em shut. (Yup, my parents have different cabinets now, don’t worry.) So I know my kitchen hasn’t stooped to that level yet.

A few years ago I read this line in a book by Nate Berkus:

“The idea of living well has always been important to me. It’s the best investment you can make in your well-being….your home is the place to invest your money and energy.”

Those two sentences changed it all for me. I can’t afford to decorate my home and go to Europe yet so for now, I choose to spend the pennies I have on the place where I spend 365 days a year while my passport sits still new and unstamped in my desk. Europe isn’t going anywhere.


Ilene said...

Oh! I also like your new rug!

I can't stop gushing.

Cathy said...

Your house IS amazing. It tickles me that you grew up to be such a fashion icon!

Tina aka forrestina vintage said...

Hooray for IKEA...and I don't even have kids! Congrats on the the blog feature at Etsy.

Cally said...

Hi Cynthia! The etsy article is how I found your blog. I absolutely love your designs - beautiful!

Mary said...

Very cool to be featured on Etsy. Had Christine seen your Flickr photos and decided to feature you based on those?

I'll admit to secretly wishing I could get a tour of your home someday. With the Flickr link from the Etsy article, I now feel I've had that. Thanks! My favorite thing about your house is that your girls share a room even though they could have their own (subtracting the guest room). My kids share tiny rooms, but the memories of reading to each other, listening to the radio together, and scaring each other with ghost stories late into the night will mean a lot more than having their own, lonely spaces. I love that your family has made that choice too!

JennyLyn said...

congrats on getting on the etsy blog. Your house is adorable!

Lizzy said...

Hi there! love your blog! Did you make or buy the puffs (ottomans) in your family room? I am looking for that exact thing! Thanks!

cynthia said...

lizzy, they are the klippen footstools from ikea. i made the slipcovers though. :) cynthia

John Cartrer said...

Loved the stuff you've posted. I also make some using my sewing machine in free time. Take a look!


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