Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picnic Quilt

I was 17 years old in 1991. That was year I made my first quilt. I knew nothing about quilting, but luckily I had a fabulous Young Women leader from church, Keike, who became much more to me than just a church leader. She and I just talked on the phone yesterday. Love having friends through the years….

Anyway, I needed to complete  a ‘Personal Progress’ project to eventually complete my Young  Woman Recognition award. That’s an award that is similar (although not really) to a boy earning his Eagle Scout.  I wanted to make a quilt, and since projects then had to take more than 20 hours each, I knew making a quilt would be perfect. Being a teenager, I lacked commitment to finish this project, so in stepped Keike. (Bless you Keike!)

old picnic quilt (4)

The summer before my senior year of high school I stayed with Keike’s family in Portland, Oregon. (Can you believe they moved away from California by choice? Crazy!) We made that quilt. And trust me, it was very stylish back then. Filled will soft blues, dusty rose, and plenty of references to farm animals. It was like, yea, so completely 1990s. (Repeat last sentence in Valley Girl.)

How cute is the bunny painted with simple acyrlic craft paint?

old picnic quilt (1)

old picnic quilt (2) 

It is now literally falling apart. I’ve fixed so many of the seams, but this quilt has fulfilled it’s blanket destiny.

It’s time to retire it before it literally falls to more shreds.

old picnic quilt (6)

Over the last twenty years, this quilt has been so loved. It was on my dorm-room bed in college for a few years. After that, it became our picnic quilt once we had a family. For years I have toted this quilt around in the trunk of my car to make happy babies and Mom comfy at the park. (I know, the nostalgia is dripping in this post!)

So fast forward from 1991 to 2011. After 20 years, it was time for a new quilt.

picnic quilt starting

picnic quilt (9) copy

This is the back:

picnic quilt (8)

This is the binding—sewn on with a modfied zig-zag. Too lazy to hand sew binding like real quilters. Snoozer.

picnic quilt (2)

I love stitch 16 on the Bernina 830 for attaching bindings to pillows and quilts. Perfect for lazy quilters. That would be me.


Yup, my new picnic quilt is just a bunch of scrappies. No pattern was used because well….I just can’t be bothered with patterns. Time is not on my side these days and without anyone to help me make this quilt, I was left to my own devices.

I used a random funky-squares  to free hand embroider. That dang quilting took so long. Thank goodness I used my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) so that all my stitching lines are exactly 2.5mm. Love technology.

picnic quilt (7)

And this time the year was added with machine embroidery, not acrylic paints. That’s my antique sewing machine design. I just added the heart and year. Clever, huh?

picnic quilt 10

picnic quilt (3)

picnic quilt in progress














I’ve decided I love quilts, but I don’t love quilting. Too much repetitive sewing for my taste. The above picture was take 9 months ago—that’s how long it took me to finish this ultra-simple and wacky quilt.

So here’s to another twenty years before I need another picnic quilt.

Check back in 2031.


thefoxkids said...

AWESOME!! I have to say we were pretty lucky when it comes to Youth leaders.. with very few exceptions I look at those days and feel very blessed and thankful for the awesome training I received at hand of awesome servants who took endless time and effort for our benefit!!! I have "used" many many things i've learned from Keiki and others inthe various callings i've had as a "grown up"... love the "old" quilt and the new one is equally awesome!!! good joB!

Cricket Stitches said...

Beautiful quilts! And I have to say I love the way you write; I feel like I am right there with you.

Michele said...

LOVE the new quilt!! All this talk about your wonderful sewing machine is making me want one.

Candy said...

seriously Love it! I want to come picnic with you!

Pamela said...

I love both of your quilts - believe it or not I actually own that floral in the old one! (Leftover from a daughter's easter dress most likely!)

Michael said...

Twenty years from now who will be blogging about this quilt, and what will the stories behind it be? Maybe I will be lucky enough to be here then.

graciesbaby said...

Oh great,I ABSOLUTELY love your quilt!!! I made my last one for my 29 year old daughter when she was born. Yellow gingham and red calico.
I would love to make one, but I'll use the excuse that my machine just doesn't want to make one. Actually I have 5 grandkids under 6 that are all over me when I'm not on the embroidery machine.
By the way, I am hooked on Meringue Designs. I've seen so much on your site I've transferred over to doing some home projects so I can use your designs.

Cheryle said...

Beautiful mix of fabrics and colors. The square stitching is a perfect complement to the irregular patchwork. Very, very nice. I've made several tie quilts but never "quilted" one. My fear is that after spending all the time piecing that I'd start quilting, get bored and quit. I've told myself that I'm doing a quilt for my granddaughter for Christmas and I want to try stippling.... did I say it would be done by THIS Christmas?!?!

Beth said...

You have lots of patience to do this but it's beautiful! Loved your feature on Etsy!

curious girl (lisa) said...

oh my goodness! your home on etsy: brilliant!

Steffi said...

Very beautiful quilts,Cynthia!Great work!

beth lehman said...

It's great!!! I think my favorite quilts are these kind - with no pattern and little planning - they are whimsical and fun and lovely! This one is so bright - I love it!!

cinzia said...

so beautiful! the quilt world will miss out if you stop making quilts!


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