Friday, June 04, 2010

Happy Trails

Our local walking trail has always been a great resource for fun in our little neighborhood. Within a 2 minute walk from our home we are on the river where birds sing freely and the trees abound.
There’s a spot on the trail where the river bends and the trees grow into a canopy. It’s always been my favorite spot whether the bare branches are heavy with snow or they are leafy green after a wet spring, like this photo.  Sometimes I just stand here and stare. (Notice the loaf of bread Hallie is carrying to feed the local ducks.)
On this particular day, the wind was blowing all the cotton puffs from the cottonwoods into a virtual snow storm. The girls loved the way the squishy cotton felt between their hands. I was surprised how soft it was as well.
 DSC_0182Treasures abound and the girls even found a geo-cache between some trees. We didn’t even have a GPS system with us! (Notice the cotton still blowing—in front of Ilene’s cheeks. Cute)DSC_0180

I even dared to let Ilene snap a shot of yours truly, covered in cotton as well.DSC_0184 copy

The rain began once again (isn’t Utah the desert?) but not until we’d emptied the bread bag, snapped a few more shots, and made a few more memories. I started coming to the Provo Trail 12 years ago to push a fussy baby in his stroller and fell in love. You probably understand why now.


Lindsay K. said...

Loved your pictures Cynthia! You are a great photographer. I love the trail too! It will make me sad to some day move away from here. So pretty!

LaurieJ said...

After 6.5 years, I still know exactly where you are talking about *sigh* It's my favorite spot too

Michael said...

I want to move there so I can be on the river, too! It makes exercise walking so much more interesting.

Jenny said...

Love the trail....wish those mosquitos would abandon it in the evening (and sometimes mid-day), though.

Ilene said...

Um, I have never been on that trail.

Is that horrible?

Beautiful pictures. Especially love the last one of Hallie!

Mike,Shar,Ryan,Rex said...

Love these pictures! Beautiful scenery and beautiful gals!

Patta Patta said...

I have always loved that trail! And, we have found that geocache with the kids many times with our GPS, so they probably just know where it is by heart now, lol! And, those cottonwoods are the very reason I can't breathe and feel like crap right now!

Brian and Carly said...

What beautiful pictures! Love the bottom two.


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