Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring Rolls

I am sure I have mentioned here before how much I love, love, love Thai food.  And when I get a craving for it, watch out. Two days ago I had lunch with my sweety at Thai Ruby here in Provo.  Their Beef Salad and Tom Ka Gai (Tangy coconut chicken soup) are my favorites. I get those two (and more)  every time we go. But unfortunately, they do not have spring rolls on the menu. And I don’t quite have the guts to make that suggestion. But I should, because I am bossy. I’ll think about it.  After all, they owe me because twice I’ve tried to go their when my craving leads me to near madness only to find a sign on the door “Vacationing in Thailand”. I drag my hands now the glass door crying “No, please!”

And then there is the Thai House is Lehi on Main Street. Now thank goodness they have proper spring rolls! Mmmmm…mmm..mmm they are so good. And their wonton soup is to die for. What did you just say? You don’t know what spring rolls are. (*audible gasp*) They are kind of like an egg roll but the ‘skin’ is a thin piece of rice paper filled with fresh veggies, lots of cilantro and mint. Basically, a rolled up salad with a tangy dipping sauce. Usually when I make them I eat so many I make myself nearly sick and then don’t make them again for a few more months. Well, today was the blessed day that the spring roll making returned to our household. Paul even helped! And my good ol’ Mexican enchilada-rolling skills always come in handy when making these. I like Martin Yan’s recipe from his Quick and Easy book (love this book!), but any recipe will do that’s loaded with veggies and mint. (Look on Food Network’s site.) But do follow his suggestion of just brushing the rice paper rolls with warm water and letting them sit for 30 seconds before rolling. That technique works much better than soaking them in hot water. That technique always yields ripped rice paper rolls and an angry Cynthia.  My photos are ugly in this post, but trust me, the food was delish.

DSC_0373 editDSC_0377 copy

To make things even yummier tonight I did my best to imitate the aforementioned Thai House’s wonton soup. I’d never made Wonton Soup but after seeing these recipes by Veeda in the Daily Herald the other day, I knew I had to to give it a go.  After all, it is the Olympics and I have the Olympic spirit. Sort of.  Wow!!! So good, so good, so good. Did I mention how good this soup recipe was? Try it. Thanks Veeda! (This beautiful photo is from her fab website White Lotus Cooks.)won ton soup.jpg


Win said...

Looks always :-)

Win said...
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Nancey said...

I usually get the fried egg rolls at Thai House, never tried their spring rolls or wonton soup, will try to remember next time. Have you tried Thai House's Tom Ka? How is it in comparison to Thai Ruby's? I'm still in search for a good, consistent Tom Ka. Thai House's is good, but never enough, and always a little different each time.

Veeda said...


I'm so glad you liked it! This makes me happy.

Ilene said...

To incorporate the Olympic spirit, I taught the primary kids the song, "Children All Over the World."

I like your method better.


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