Friday, February 26, 2010

Four-Patch Birthday Banner

four patch banner 014 copy
I’ve been wanting to make a new birthday banner for family. And while I love the ones I sell in my etsy shop, I have literally made hundreds of them in the same color scheme so I’m a bit tired of seeing the same fabrics day in and day out. So I decided to make a totally unique one with four-inch squares of fabric. If you too wanna be like me (or at least like my banner) cut 56 4” squares of fabric. (Happy Birthday has 14 letters but I made a ‘blank’ patch to go in the middle.)
four patch banner 002
Then you gotta pair ‘em up and sew 28 pairs together so they look like this:
four patch banner 005
Then you gotta pair ‘em up one more time (oh, come on, chain piece them and they’ll go real quick like) and soon you’ll have 14 squares approximately 7 1/4”
Back them, make some rope, fuse the letters, and you’re all done! Just in time for my son’s birthday Monday! And for all our family birthdays. Phew!
(If you need the pattern because this blew your mind, you can find it in my etsy shop.)

four patch banner 021


sandra said...


Melissa L. said...

love love love! Its so cheery!!

ayumills said...

I'm in love!!

manuela said...

Love it, love it, love it! Just seeing this puts you in a happy mood!

Sandra said...

They are wonderfully cheerful!

Ilene said...

I love that banner. Well, all of your banners.

If I made one of those banners, I would have to charge $500 for all the pain and suffering that I encountered. And even then, I would feel like that I was charging too little.

Paul said...

Who will be the one to spend the money and buy the one in your shop?


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