Saturday, February 13, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese

DSC_0318 copyI mentioned in my previous post that my Grandma is the first person who taught me to make Mac n’ Cheese. Now, I still love my Grandma’s recipe, but nowadays I prefer my macaroni made with a bechamel sauce and a good pound of sharp cheddar with gruyere (or regular swiss is fine too). I usually make Martha Stewart’s recipe as found in Favorite Comfort Food but this time I tried Barefoot Contessa’s recipe—complete with sliced tomatoes on top. I really liked it. Then again, what’s not to like with all that cheese and breadcrumbs?

1 comment:

Ilene said...

I'm glad you tried this recipe out. I haven't but now I want to.

I just tried the NBR recipe for mac and cheese a couple weeks back. I didn't like it half as much as Martha's. The flavor was lacking. And I didn't even cheat and use just cheddar cheese which I typically do with the Martha recipe. I started doing that when Dan and I were first married and I couldn't afford the fancy cheeses. Now I love it.


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