Friday, January 29, 2010

Photoshop Elements is Gonna Kill Me

three kids before after
 Today I wasted many, many hours editing my photos. This is partly bad because I needed to fill orders and clean my house, and partly good because look how fantastic my photos look now! (Yes, these are old photos, leave me alone.) I was feeling woozy after donating blood today (hmmm…maybe it was the Lorna  Doon cookies combined with apple juice afterwards <*yikes*> that made me woozy) but anyway, I was too weak to do house work (*wink*) so I fired up my lap top, sat in my sunny bay window, and wasted many an hour doing nothing but fun stuff.  I think I’ll have Paul pick up In-N-Out burgers tonight as the Red Cross blood sucker warned me to eat some extra protein tonight. Where’s the Beef!?
I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements at Costco the other day because all these years we’ve had a pirated copy. (Don’t ask….a certain ex-family member loaded it onto our computer and me being stupid, thought it one of those free Adobe programs you get at Anyway….all these photos are touched up with brightness, contrast, messing with color, and adding some great layers I purchased a while ago from Flora Bella. But I also love the textures you can get for free on Flickr. So here’s to wasting time on things I love.

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Unknown said...

Your photos look great. I just got Photoshop Elements and am still trying to figure it out.

Good for you for taking some fun time out for yourself. We all need that from time to time.


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