Friday, January 08, 2010

Fast Forward 15 Years

December 29, 1994: A warm Thursday afternoon at the Los Angeles temple on Santa Monica Boulevard. I remember being really hot in my long-sleeved wedding dress. I remember thinking how handsome Paul looked. I remember not wanting to be the center of attention and not caring that we only had 1 roll of fill taken.
LA Skyline Dec 29, 1994 The Tree Dec 29, 1994
December 29, 2009: A warm Tuesday afternoon at the Los Angeles temple on Santa Monica Boulevard. We wanted to take the kids on our 15th anniversary to where we were married. They couldn’t believe how big the temple was and could hardly resist rolling down the giant 5-acre grassy hill.  They had a million questions, we had a few answers, and Paul and I found ourselves holding hands a little bit more than usual on this special day.
 california trip dec2009 077  california trip dec2009 094 copy
 california trip dec2009 114california trip dec2009 012


Ilene said...

Ah, that was a fun day.

It was hard to realize that I wasn't going to be married in LA. I still haven't been through all of it.

I remember stopping by Pinks hotdog stand after going there with YW. So fun.

Win said...

What a fun and memorable thing to do!

nicole said...

I'm a little teary. I can't even blame it on the pregnancy...You guys are a great family and I'm glad we're a little part of it. Happy Anniversary!

SingledOut4 said...

I like that story :)

Brittany & Barry said...

Awww...I love you guys.


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