Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Paradise Found

This is not going to be a typical run-down-of-a-vacation blog. I could write forever about the wonderful things we did in Hawaii but instead I'll simply give you a list of epiphanies that occured in my brain while we were in Hawaii.

  • Day 2 of 7 on our trip: "This place is paradise but I could never live here becuase my hair is frizzy and ugly from the 90% humidity." It wouldn't even straighten with my flat iron set to 400 degrees.

  • Realized my kids would never eat a bowl of cereal again if we lived in Hawaii because all cereals (even generic nasty ones) were $6.50 a box and milk was $7.00 a gallon.

  • Was reminded once again that most people on this planet looked better with more clothes on rather than less. (Including myself.)

  • Realized I ate mahi-mahi every time it was offered to me. Kind of like that guy on "SuperSize Me". If they offered to super size his fries, he had to say yes. I made that my rule concerning mahi-mahi. Server: "Our special today is grilled mahi-mahi with a thai chili sauce." Me: "I must have that."

  • Realized that the word Mahalo (Thank you) is used everywhere. It's even written on 'rubbish' cans!

  • Realized 4 airports in 18 hours is not for me. How do flight attendants do it? Also realized plenty of people drink booze on airplanes at 6am. (The plane was heading to Vegas.)

  • Realized it is possible for a mom to read 4 novels in 6 days. (Sans children of course.)

  • Once again was humiliated in asking for a fork to replace the chopsticks given to me due to lack of chopstick talent at many, many restaurants.

  • Realized that when it's over 85 degrees in Hawaii, that's all people talk about. Me to the airport ticket agent on Kono: "How are you". Ticket agent: "Fine but this heat is awful."

  • Realized that 85 degrees is the perfect temperature for my body--day and night. That was heaven. Turn off the air, open the doors, and let the love flow in.

  • Realized the 20 plus hours I worked on my tan was all for naught seeing as I am always covered from wrists to ankles in the winter here in Utah.


thefoxkids said...

Cynthia!! i think i knew you in another life!! KyLeyne Fox (use to be Lane) here.. i found your blog through Colleen's who i found through my sister's (talk about degrees of seperation!).. anyway you have a GORDOUS family (but wouldn't have expected any different).. e-mail me and we can catch up kbfox@msn.com
big hugs!

Paul said...

Those were some astute observations.

Would love to be back with no cares, but at the same time just glad to be home.

Love ya, Paul

Ilene said...

My skin aches for sunshine. My mind aches for Hawaii. My pocketbook aches for money for Hawaii.

Talk to your husband about setting us up with another incredible tax return for me, okay?

Glad you had fun! Hope your vacation recovery goes okay and thanks for not rubbing in your wonderful trip in too much.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous!Loved your pictures..can't wait to hear more

mom2qtboys said...

Hey you are back! Hope you guys had lots-o fun and glad you ate lots of Mahi Mahi. Thanks for sharing with those of who can only dream of faraway islands or experience it vicariously through others.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cynthia! It's me, Angie Davis!(aka Angie Hernandez) KyLene snet me to your blog. We had been wondering where you lived. Heard you were in Provo. We moved to Santaquin June 2006. Love it up here! What a fun blog you have. Love the music and the books your reading. Anyway, here's our e-mail scottnangie2@yahoo.com. Would love to meet up with you. After Scott and I got married and moved away we lost track of everyone! Love the pics of your family! Very cute! Hope to hear from you soon!

Win said...

Dang it...that means my hair will be a lions mane if I go there!
Glad you had fun!
Dying to hear about what you thought of the books! You need to read the sequels to Goose Girl! They are so good!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am not the only sibling who has ZERO prowess with the chopsticks. And you with all the skills in the world with food cannot master the chopsticks. I am vindicated!!!!!


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