Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Never Ever in the Whole Wide World

Have you ever played that game with a large crowd where you go around the room and say things that you have never done, but that most others have? Well, I have a few that always push me closer to winning the game. Here they are:

1. I’ve never been in the hospital. (This always wins me the game in a room full of women!)
2. I’ve never watched an entire football game. Ever. I don’t even know the rules and don’t care to. I went to a BYU football game once as a freshman with my roommates thinking this is it—I’m going to learn to like football now that I’m in college. I left at halftime out of pure boredom. I come from a family where we all hate football--men as well as women. My parents loved the L.A. Dodgers during the 80s, so that was the extent seeing sports on tv. (Then I got married.)
3. I’ve never really liked candy. Pies and cakes yes, candy no. Even as a kid I would never eat all my Halloween candy. It would kind of go stale eventually. (I make up for it by baking all the time.)
4. I’ve never been on a horse. Don’t have much to say about this one. Just haven’t.
5. I’ve never seen a Shrek movie. This may sound like a weird ‘never’ but it seems like Shrek is everywhere these days with the release of Shrek 17, but whatever. Just the cover of the movie makes me wanna hurl. I’ve also never seen Pollyanna, or The Breakfast Club. Ilene has now fallen in love with Pollyanna and is quoting it, but it looks boring to me. Even as a kid it looked boring.
6. I’ve never been water skiing or snow skiing. I’ve had many opportunities to try these sports but am too afraid. And frankly, it looks more fearful than fun. I know, it’s wrong living in Utah and not being a skier. But I will gladly move out of the state lest my being here means I have to learn to ski.
7. I’ve never worn a bikini—have never even shown my stomach the light of day—nor the light of a tanning salon. I found myself wishing more women could say this while I was lounging on the beaches of Hawaii this month. Blech.
8. I’ve never eaten nor purchased Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, Chili Helper, Fish Helper, whatever. My mom used to joke that if she made a helper ‘meal’ my dad would give her divorce papers. Just cause I say.
9. I have never received a speedy ticket. Thanks for reminding me of that, KyLeyne!

What have you never done? Come on, don't be shy.


Anonymous said...

So does that mean you were born at home?

thefoxkids said...

Hmmm, i'm with ya on the snow sking, and i have it even worse i'm with in walking distance to a great ski resort.. at lest my kiddo's partake.. i've never gotten a speeding ticket (i'm quickly knocking on wood!) thats pretty much the only never ever i've got.. i wish i have never bought hamburger helper.. i'm married to a man that was brought up on the stuff!! YUCK!

cyn the win said...

Who left that comment "so does that mean I was born at home". My MOM was the one admitted to the hospital. I was the by-product. :)

KyLeyne! I've never received a ticket either, I'll have to add that one now!

cyn the win said...

Oh an KyLeyen, it's a shame Ben was brought up on Hamgurger Helper. His mom is a Harrington!! Shame on her! This Harrington girl has never touched the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Pollyanna or Bedknobs and Broomsticks but I love all of the Shreks. I have never tasted cauliflower. And no, anonymous, if my mom ate it when she was pregnant and the nutrients traveled through the umbilical cord, that doesn't count!

Ilene said...

Pollyanna is a fabulous movie. Great costumes and there is a great scene where Pollyanna is eating the most delicious-looking cake at the church bizarre (which I always found ironic that it was held on a Sunday).

Can't believe you haven't seen Breakfast Club either. Especially considering your love for 80s music. Did you not grow up with cable?

I however have never seen "Titanic." It was never a self-righteous thing. I just don't want to invest my time in watching a tragic love story and I thought Leo DiCaprio looked 14. Much too dorky for Kate Winslet, who I love.

I have never eaten lobster or crab. Don't want to either. I just don't do seafood.

thefoxkids said...

how funny! i guess that pathetic drivers ed class we took together was worth something!

colleeeen said...

i've never seen "Gone With the Wind." i just refuse.

Paul said...

Cyn, I think you need to mention that you have never partaken of mexican fast food (Taco Bell, Del Taco, etc.)

I have never seen the movie Better Off Dead or anything by Disney since Beauty and the Beast.

I have heard several of these movies in their entirety while they have played for the kids during long road trips, but I don't think that counts.

I will never watch Lion King--just readiing the picture book to my kids is enough to convince me that it is not a good movie. Of course, the number of Elton John songs ought to be a pretty good clue!!

lizard lips said...

Paul, you NEED to see Better Off Dead. It is totally narly. And you don't like Elton John?!! The "rocket man" is a legend.

I've never made KRAFT macaroni and cheese. I've never crosstitched anything. I've never been able to balance my checkbook for more than a month without serious help from my husband.


abelnap said...

OK--I never commented here, because I can't think of anything interesting that I haven't done. THat doesn't sound exactly how i meant it to...I mean I jus have typical stuff--never skydived, never sailed a yacht, etc. OK, I'll try...
1. Never been to NYC
2. Never been outside the country except for Mexico and Canada
3. Never had a bloody nose
4. Never skinnydipped (though i did try to tan naked on my deck in CO and I was SO TERRIBLY BURNED--stupid fourteen year old...)
See--I'm just bad at this game...


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