Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Video Killed the Radio Star

Something scary happened the other day. Paul and I watched a video of our wedding day. We had never seen it. (Patty, my sister, had all of our family videos on tape transferred to DVD.) Now, this wasn’t a ‘wedding video’ per say. We didn’t have any moolah for such nonsense, so we just handed the video camera to different family members and they walked around taping everything. I noticed a few things on this video.

First of all, Paul and I definitely look older. My SIL Ilene quite often posts wedding/engagement pictures of her and Dan on her blog. They don’t look a day older. Those two are adorable. But Paul and I look completely different. Perhaps its because now I actually pluck my eyebrows, don’t wear burgundy lipstick anymore, and shy away from brocade dresses with puffed sleeves. Oh and my hair is 15 inches shorter. Maybe that’s why? Paul doesn’t part his hair in the middle nor puff it up anymore. Consequently, people don’t tell him anymore that he looks like David Bowie. Just a guess. I once told my hairstylist that there are a lot of fashion regrets I have of my wedding, to which she added, “Better to regret the fashion, and not regret the marriage.” Wise words from someone with scissors.

I also noticed on the video that Paul is still the same. Often on the video, he would touch my back to guide me this way or that way. Or lean in to talk to me quietly. He was tender then, and he still is. I think you can work through any problem in your marriage if you are kind and tender to each other. I think if there’s one thing (and maybe that’s the only thing) we’ve done right in our marriage thus far is to be kind and tender to one another. He’s been the example there. I'd like to think that Paul would still send me a note with David Bowie lyrics like he did in 1994: “One day I'm gonna write a poem in a letter; One day I'm gonna get that faculty together; Remember that everybody has to wait in line; Blue Jean-look out world you know I've got mine; She got Latin roots; She got everything.” I know, I've mentioned that in a previous blog already.

Paul and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary next month and there is nothing I regret about that. Even if I did have Brooke Shields eyebrows on my wedding day.


Anonymous said...

I was kind of disappointed when my 30th birthday rolled around and I had to get a new driver license. They didn't ask me to take a new photo. So my driver's license still has 18-year-old-me on it. And like you, I had not discovered the joys of plucked eyebrows and tame lipstick. Well, let's face it I still don't always stay tame with my lipstick. But I hear you, sister. Word.

Ilene said...

Well, I thought you looked like the Little Mermaid type of bride. I think your wedding pictures from that era look a lot better than those other brides who had the lace, sequins, pearls, and HUGE headpieces in addition to the bigger hair. You got off just fine, I think.

Probably the reason Dan and I look the same is that because we have the same hair. Well, mine was up so you can't see the changes over the years and Dan's hair is such that it only goes into one style otherwise it is a big fro. He did have longer side burns then, though.

You know my wedding video? For some weird reason, those duties were given to my brothers. So in true man fashion, that means about 5 minutes of total footage. Of those 5 mintues, three are of baby Ilene in Grandpa Winward's arms. Paul was manning the video camera during that segment. Good thing her name is Ilene and she was so cute. Otherwise I might be bitter towards Paul :)

Win said...

I personally love the rolled up pants ! Has it been 13, that means it has been that many years since I went on my mission! Ugh, haven't forgotten the poor timing--Just kidding! ;-)

Paul said...

I don't know why I didn't get my hair cut before the wedding. Heck it would have been easy to have asked your mom to do that for me!!

My hair has definitely darkened since then. I guess becoming a "dirty blonde" beats going white or grey.

Here's to another thirteen years. I love you!!


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