Friday, July 19, 2013

The New Patio

Hooray! Our patio is finally done! This was phase 2 of our backyard remodel. To read about phase one which happened four years ago, click here.  Yes, I took this photo while the sprinklers were on this morning, hence the streams of water you see. (Click on any of the photos to see them supa’ big.)


Bratt Landscaping in Pleasant Grove, Utah is who we used for the landscape plan and both phases of Project Renovation Backyard. They are wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them if you live in Utah County.


The raised beds will soon be filled with luscious plants. Can’t wait.


I also see some lovely patio furniture in our future—maybe an outdoor couch and upholstered chairs?


Here are a few before and after shots:

BEFORE: The filthiness of the yard makes the before shot all the more sad. (May 2013)


DURING: Ain’t no fun having giant earth movers in your yard! (June 2013)


AFTER:  Raised beds wrap around the columns. (July 2013)


BEFORE:  Our outdoor table and chairs were always on the grass which is a pain when you gotta mow. (May 2013)


AFTER:  Super large patio means the furniture can stay put. Oh and room for parties. (See next post.)


BEFORE: Basic stairs exiting the house, grassy slope (another pain to mow) leading down to the fire pit. (May 2013)


DURING: Tools and gravel everywhere and they level the yard. (June 2013)


AFTER: Beautiful block staircase exiting house, huge patio, stairs down to fire pit. Hooray, no more slope!


DURING: The sideyard had the fence removed to enable giant earth-moving equipment access to the yard. (June 2013)


AFTER: Flagstone path lined with shrubs. Fence is back up.


It’s hard to believe that our yard to used to like this when we moved in 7 years ago. A sloped, unusable mess. (June 2006)

planting the patmore ash

We improved it quite a bit in 2009 with Phase 1………

landscaped yard with fence 003

…….and we’re thrilled that phase two is now done. It’s just gorgeous.



DIane Warburton said...

It is indeed gorgeous. It was definitely worth the wait. Enjoy! :-)

alex amarxon said...

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