Friday, July 05, 2013

Independence Day

I’ve lived in Provo 20 years now. And this year is the first year I attended the 4th of July parade. I don’t really care for parades. It’s hot, stinky, crowded, never a bathroom to be found, nor a parking place. But I went and it wasn’t too torturous. I did stand and cheer for the BYU float though. I’m not a total fuddy-dud.


I made a typical dinner too—burgers, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans. And of course, fireworks. I still can’t believe aerial fireworks are legal to purchase for the general public in a desert state that hasn’t seen rain in months. (Ok, it did rain last night for a few minutes, but that was after the fireworks and I’m sure it instantly evaporated once it hit the flaming hot dry parched soil that is Utah.)

D7K_3298 copy


Wait a minute, why are we sitting next to a bobcat tractor on our curb? Well……..


………that’s because our yard still looks like this—6 weeks into our patio project that should’ve taken two weeks. So disappointed we have a torn up yard this summer. The landscaper dudes are great, but it’s just been one delay after another.



Either way, happy Independence day. I love being an American. Love it.

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