Friday, July 05, 2013

The Big Island of Hawaii 2013

Paul and I took the kiddos to Hawaii a few weeks ago. This time we went to the Big Island of Hawaii. (Two years ago we took them to Oahu.) We chose this island because we were travelling with kids—lots of adventures to be had! And it was an adventure for sure.

From the moment we stepped off of the plane, the humidity smacked us in the face. In fact, it was humid the entire time. But with the trade winds it’s never too uncomfortable. In this photo below notice Hallie’s smile? The kids thought it hilarious the airport is outdoors—“just like when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii” I was informed. Oh brother. Our life is being compared to a 40-year old sitcom. Of course, Paul is smiling too but that’s because we were just happy to be off that dang plane.


We quickly found out on this trip that 15-year old boys do not smile in photos. Luckily, the girls will still smile for their mom and the camera.


We immediately checked into our condo and couldn’t believe the views we had!


Every meal eaten on the ocean. Be still my heart. For more info on this fabulous condo owned by a sweet couple, click here.


The below photo is Mauna Kea beach—often voted the best beach in the United States. Easy to see why don’t you think? Hallie was busy waiting for a wave. But with a beach this calm, she was lucky to catch a small handful of waves. Still, Mauna Kea is yummy. Those darn hotel rooms behind Hallie are $1,500 a night but the beach is public access for cheapskates like us. Neener-neener-neener.



We put over 1,200 miles on our rental in just 8 days. The island is huge and we spent many an hour packing and unpacking sandy gear.


This was the view we saw each night from our condo in Kona. Yes please. (The sun sets at 7pm—even in June (which is when we were there! Compare that to 9:30pm sunsets in Utah, and what a difference!)


Volcano National park, like everything, is a long drive from Kona, so we stopped a couple times to refuel our bellies with malasadas—Portuguese donuts. Mmm, sugar and fat together.


Why can’t we get passion fruit and guava donuts here in Utah? I don’t get it.


Once we got to Volcanos, we went on a ranger tour. Ilene is listening so intently. Off in the distance is an erupting volcano deep in a caldera…..


…….but seeing that same caldera at night was much better.


The ranger told us lots of Hawaiian legends about the plants and such.


The kids loved walking through an actual lava tube. Eerie my friends.



Seeing lava just coat the landscape, creating cliffs at the ocean, was unbelievable.



Lava flows destroyed this road, so we had to hike it.



Yup, I believe the road is closed. Even without the sign.


Lava, lava, and more lava.


Because of this sign I begged Hallie to stay close to us………


………..but to no avail. This photo makes it look worse than it is, but from where I was shooting the camera, I thought she was gonna die. Rascal.


Adventures like Volcano are great, but I’m just as happy on a beach at sunset. Me and my sweetey—chillaxin on Spencer Beach at the very end of the day………


……….watching the sun go down and the kids digging away.


Give a kid a bucket and a shovel, and she’s happy.

D7K_3178 golden afternoonD7K_2744

Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau (“Place of Refuge”) is pretty amazing. And beautiful. Sadly, we were being scorched by the heat and rushed through a bit. But Paul and I had been here five years previous, so we were ok with that.


The heat and humidity was unbelievable under the bright sun this day. I thought I was gonna faint. Or turn into one of these petrified tiki statues. I’m so wimpy. Give me a frosty drink, stat!


Luckily, the beach is always around us for an afternoon of swimming.


I frolic in the ocean, bobbing up and down happily, but my hubby actually swims. Good for him. I already have curly-hair frustrated hair. Ocean water just makes it worse.


Ilene begged to bring her ukulele. How could I deny a little girl her dream of playing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in Hawaii?


A memory I hope she cherishes forever. I know I will. I got it on video.


Lots of memories actually. From the botanical gardens…….


To smoothies on a fruit farm………


To black sand beaches…….


….with sea turtles





…….the Big Island of Hawaii has it all.

 D7K_2762 velvelt peach


ottspot said...

Beautiful! I'm a smidge jealous! :-)

Win said...

Oh my goodness....what amazing memories and pictures!

Candy said...

Amazing ! Wowee! The photos are gorgeous and those kids of your are so big! The photos of ilene playing on the beach need to be in a magazine! Nd i am seriously jealous of her ukulele playing skills.

I need to go to hawaii sometime!!! Soon!!


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