Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sewing Room

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about sewing room. Here are some random shots:
Here I am sitting next to my two Bernina sewing machines. Love ‘em. My Bernina 131 looks like a midget next to my new 830. Yikes! Stacks of fabric are (sort of) organized by color—pink, brown, reds, blues, etc. The baskets are from Target. The furniture is from Four Chairs in Lindon, Utah.
sewing room (20) copy
This is the cubby where I keep some of my birthday banner supplies. I’m so burnt out on these puppies. My etsy shop no tiene nada ahora.
sewing room (12)
These are all my purdy little embroidery threads and stabilizers. Ain’t they purdy?
sewing room (11)
Sewing books and embroidery packs:
sewing room (13)
This is my Bernina 131. I bought it used about 10 years ago. It was “used” in that the previous owner bought it, took it home for a year where it remained un-opened, and then she upgraded to a bigger fancier machine. I remember Paul and I hemmin’ and hawin’ about the price tag of $800. It was so much money, truly a stretch for our tight budget.  But this machine can sew anything—even 7 layers of canvas on ottoman covers’ corners. I did all my heavy velvet sewing on this for the 2006 Parade of Homes and then went on to sew 75 sets of sliding glass door curtains in velvet (again) all without a single problem.  It’s the last of the basic Bernina machine that they made with a full size free arm and in stainless steel. (The basic models now have a shorter free arm so that they are more portable. Whatever.)
sewing room (4)
And well, you’ve already seen my post 2 blogs ago about this machine:
sewing room (5)
This is my cutting table area. It’s always a wreck and I’m keepin’ it real by posting such a messy picture. That’s my serger on the right. Yes, I do all my serging standing up. On the wall is an el-cheapo cork board covered in fabric. Notice the matching hem on my curtains. Isn’t that special. (*church lady*)
sewing room (15)
This is where I hang my college diploma because this is the nearest I’ll get to an office ever. It’s the most expensive piece of paper I own so it must be displayed. I’m still so proud of the fact that I put myself through college 100%. Crappy jobs, dinners of boxed mac and cheese, near poverty for 4 years, and lots of studying gave me my Business Management degree from BYU. So when I hear others talk about not having the money for college I want to scream. Starve, scrimp, borrow the minimum through student loans, and work so hard sometimes you cry. No entitlements. But I digress.
sewing room (10)
So that’s it! I hope you liked it. This is a tiny 11x11 room but with all my cubbies and shelves it does the job well. I like it cozy. Back to work now.


Sew Teen Generation said...

Okay - so I've bought like 25+ designs already! I'm in Mesa, AZ and also am 30 something (well not really... just turned 40 in Sept.) Anyway - just wanted to say you are an inspiration! My husband owns his own CPA practice, and I have my accounting degree from ASU. But hence.... I also love to sew, and was given, (and it's QUITE a story!) a full service sewing store to run in Mesa that has been in business since 1954! Anyway, we sell Pfaff sewing machines, and I am dedicated to making embroidery more popular! I have been for the last year TRYING to incorporate "modern" embroidery designs... I bought your "domestic goddess" design, sewed it as a display, and was able to sell ALL of the fabric that I used for the apron. Yay!! (It was Riley Blake "Domestic Diva" fabric - you should "Google" Riley Blake, you'll love the design.) Anyway, it's been a rough year, but you have given me hope. :) Kelli

P.S. Congrats on your new sewing machine. I showed it to my husband, and explained in detail how cool it was...and how much it cost! YIKES:) I know...

MommytoAJ said...

wow - I love your machines and your sweet little sewing space - thanks for the tour :)

Nandini said...
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Nandini said...
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Nandini said...

Happy New Year, Cynthia! Love to read about your sewing exploits.

Jennifer said...

Love your space!! Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Amen on getting through school on your own merits. When I was in the BYU business school I took a great entrepreneurial course. Once a week an alum would come as a guest speaker and tell us about the business she or he had created. I'm thinking they need YOU to go spend an hour talking with their students. I love that you are balancing full-time mommyhood with a successful, truly home-based business. It's given me something to think about with my own passions for business, hobbies...and having my youngest in Kindergarten next year!

cynthia said...

Mary--I never did take any entrepreneurial courses. I did take marketing, which has been very beneficial in running my tiny little business.

I'm pretty sure BYU wouldn't want me to come once they find out my miniscule yearly revenue. But I could be wrong!

Leslie said...

I notice you have the clear table attachment to your machine,,,I have, without shame, been drooling over this at the viking store (I have the Diamond model) and want to know if you feels it's worth the investment...

Your tips are so wonderful...especially the invisible zipper tutorial...



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