Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Gifts 2010

I did my bestest to give mostly handmade gifts to friends and family this year. Obviously I couldn’t do this post earlier because  the masses would then know what they are receiving.  There is something about a handmade gift because I know that receiving such a gift means I was thought about. I hope all my friends and family know how much love went in to all my gifts this year.
I embroidered lots of aprons for friends and fam:
christmas gifts 2010b
I made pillows for nieces and nephews:
christmas gifts 2010c
And I embroidered t-shirts and bibs as well for my nieces and nephews:
christmas gifts 2010
I hope everybody liked their stuff! And of course I made my girls their dresses. Luckily I started back in October….just seeing these pics make me tired, although they do bring a smile to my face.


Nancey said...

Wow, Cynthia, you should sell those shirts in your shop...or do you? Too lazy to look. Always impressed with how professional (not China professional!) your stuff is.

Andy said...

I agree - you should sell those shirts - especially the star wars ones. I'd buy some! I really, really love my apron. I still am so touched that you would think to get the logo from my blog. I show that apron to everyone that comes over!

Mike,Shar,Ryan,Rex said...

awesome! love all of the shirts and pillows!! so cute!

nicole said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED! All of us are loving the pillows. Can I tell you how much the colors make a difference in our GRAY January blah days? And the bibs and shirt sooo cute. I was going to call you on Thursday to tell you happy Birthday and to express to you how much we loved all of it- but I've lost my voice somewhere.(Which I've suddenly decided is quite essential to discipline unruly children) So as I sit here skipping church (due to said throat) I want you to know we are grateful for having little bits of you here. Hope your birthday was good because you are one AMAZING woman!

nicole said...

I meant to say Friday as your birthday, sorry-Josh's was on Thursday so you can understand my confusion.

Paul said...

My apron didn't qualify as a Christmas gift, but it is cool too.


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