Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

While in California over Christmas break this year we had new pictures taken of the kids. Where else would Utah dwellers be able to have outside pictures taken of their kids in the dead of winter? Well, I guess we could do photos here but I wasn’t going for the snowy look. I wanted a little bit of greenery and no coats for these pictures.
I asked my super talented brother to take them of course. Unlike myself who knows very very little about photography, my brother Mike is actually a professional. He recently listed this picture in his new etsy shop.
flames car
Here are some behind the scenes at the photoshoot:
Nobody can resist a good tire swing.  My kids love, LOVE Mike’s tire swing. Apparently, my kids are deprived because our trees would only hold a stuffed animal.
photo session with mike (5) copy
photo session with mike (11) copy
(In this above photo you can see one of the flashes being set up….but even equipment can get sick and today Mike’s equipment got sick. )
I wanted to take the pictures in front of Mike’s citrus trees, but the light wasn’t good enough, and since the equipment was sick, we went straight to the front yard—hence the tire swing.
DSC_1094 copy
Even my 39-yr old hubby couldn’t resist the allure of the tire swing.
photo session with mike (24) copy
My sister Carolyn is the best. And of course she wanted to come to the photo shoot because she’s uber cool.
photo session with mike (8) copy
I tell my sisters all the time how jealous I am of their gorgeous eye color. Carolyn has one blue eye and a partial blue/partial brown eye. Isn’t she lucky?
photo session with mike (8) copy2
See what I mean? My other sister has sapphire blue eyes but I don’t have a picture of her to post here. Me? I just gots me the plain ol’ brown eyes like most other Mexicans. No fair.
But I digress.
Despite the broken equipment, things moved forward with some adjustments.
photo session with mike (32) copy
photo session with mike (26)
Notice in the above photo Paul is wearing his Lakers t-shirt? I think he took all of his t-shirts to California because there he is in good company amidst all the other Laker fans.
Here are a few of the results:
_MG_0292 headshot
_MG_0304 copy
_MG_0344 copy b
I sent my favorites off to Costco printing and $11 later, my fireplace area was updated. Yahoo!
DSC_1139 copy
I love my kids. I love Mike. I love Carolyn. I love California. Life is great.


Paul said...

Who will be Mike's first customer on etsy? Whoever is reading this go ahead and make a purchase.

Brian and Carly said...

Cynthia, your kids are gorgeous. I love those shots.

Win said...

Such cute pictures.

Patta Patta said...

Mike did an awesome job!

Jeny - Higgins said...

What a beautiful family. Thank you so much for telling me about your blog! :0)

Aubri said...

Your kids are adorable! Love the pictures!


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