Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smocks for Girls

smocks for girls 006 copyI swore I’d never make this shirt again, but exactly 2 years have passed since I used this pattern last. That’s long enough for me to have forgotten what a pain making this yoke can be. Ok, not really.  Two years later I still hated making it. However, my daughter absolutely has loved this shirt for two years straight. She wears it along when it’s warm and layered with cardigans when it’s cold. Being the saintly mother that I am (cough, cough), I made her another. I like this one even better. Unfortunately, it does take about 3 hours to make.smocks for girlsHere is an easier version of essentially the same smock. This one is gathered at the neckline with elastic instead of with stitches. And no blasted yoke. This is the one hour version.  Giddy-Up. As much as I love the above version, I just can’t be bothered with 3 hours per smock. Especially when it will smothered with grape jelly. So I’ll be making lots more of these sweet little smocks for my girls. But definitely with the below version.
smocks for girls 007 copysmocks for girls 2 


midnight hysteria said...

they are sooo darling ... oh, to have little girls at home again ... granddaughters are wonderful, but they live sooooo far away -- fitting them is a .... challenge!!!

your girls are adorable, as is your little boy ... you are blessed!


Kathy said...

I love these tops. So cute. I wonder, have you tried this pattern:

It has had good reviews on some other blogs that I read and I wonder if that would be close to the simplicity one without the 3 hours of work.

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable. I just found your blog via etsy and I love it. I have added you to my sidebar. Also, I just ordered a couple of pillows from you so I'm really excited to get them.


Andy said...

Now why don't I look good in a smock? It's just not fair. Those are adorable. I wish I were 7 again so you could make me a cute smock.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Those are both great smocks, and I sure understand the need for time saving projects! Thanks for the tip on the patterns. I'm in the middle of sewing some quick and cute aprons for my tiny toddler!

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