Monday, December 15, 2008

Teenage Silliness

I received an email from my friend Andy (who has the most delicious food blog) this morning. It was a link to Eric Snyder's (formerly of the pullitzer-prize winning paper The Daily Herald) homepage where he wrote a screenplay for Twilight. I laughed so hard. My favorite line: "Since when do white people honor treaties with Indians?" Hardy, har har.

Ready to laugh? Click here.


Anonymous said...

I spend way too much time on his website. Love him. you should read his old Daily Herald stuff

cynthia said...

We read his column faithfully when he was at the Herald. Funny stuff.

abelnap said...

Yeah--I laughed out loud at hot buttered seduction on a stick. Hilarious.
Here's the latest description of Twilight to give me porn. That's from someone who liked the book...and a comment for further discussion, I'm sure.


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