Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Magic of Snow

Bless you mother nature for sending snow to my neighborhood. It’s been too cold to play outside all month and the kids have been fighting way too much due to cabin feveritis.  But now the white powder that delights my children has arrived. Why is snow like magic for children? And just in time for Christmas.

Like a good mom I sent the kids out in their snow gear to enjoy the splendor of it all! There can’t be more than 3 inches but it’s enough to give them something to smile about. 

first snow 008

first snow 006first snow 012



abelnap said...

Yeah--my kids had a ball too--they built a fort.

I need to get out in the snow and build a fort. It seemed invigorating. I'd hoped it would be exhausting.

Ilene said...

And I hope like a smart mom, you snapped the pictures quickly and went inside.

It looks like the snow made it to Provo. It was so great seeing you guys. Hopefully we will see you again soon! Tonight Jackson said in his prayers "my favorite thing today was playing with Nathan and watching a movie." Well, he did watch a movie today and I suppose he played with Nathan in his imagination. That kid has serious hero worship of Nathan.


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