Friday, November 21, 2008

Foul Words A Plenty

Is it wrong that I laughed so hard I cried the other day upon hearing this:

Hallie: (approaching me while sobbing) Mom, Ilene says that when I grow up I'm going to.....I'm going to (more sobs).... I'm going to smoke. But I'm not Mom, I'm never going to smoke. But she keeps saying I WILL!!

Mom: (biting lip to prevent guffaws from escaping) Well, ignore Ilene. I know you won't smoke when you grow up.

Hallie: No mom, I'll never be a smoker.

Ilene: (sitting silently at the kitchen table, coloring, while shaking with pent up laughter and squinty eyes cast down)


abelnap said...

Hattie unknowingly ate some "glooten cereal" yesterday. You would have thought she had a mortal wound. The crying alone lasted at least an hour.

Anonymous said...

Aww...aren't sister's great for self-esteem and support in the hard times?? :-)

Brian and Carly said...

Thank goodness I was the older sister.

Michael said...

This is just too funny! Kinda reminds me the the teasing you kids used to do to each other. Placky girl!

Carolyn#2 said...

Classic. It sounds just like my kids.


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