Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BYU Flashback

A few days ago Paul and I went on a date thanks to my blessed sister Patty who loves to babysit my kids. So we went to Thai Ruby (one of my favorite restaurants in this whole valley) and then to the BYU Museum of Art to see current exhibit on The Demise of Modernism. Well, apparently BYU doesn’t consider the MOA a great date destination because it was closed this particular Saturday night, and probably every other Saturday night I suppose. Rates!

So what do we do? Well, we haven’t seen the new addition Tanner_Yto the Tanner Building, let’s go there! Obviously we were stalling and not wanting to go home until the kids were asleep. So we headed back to the building where Paul and I spent the greater part of our college years. Upon entering the building, I was flooded with memories and emotions of days gone by. Here are just a few.

  • I remember giving a report in Information Systems about this crazy new computer in the library that could give you up to the minute information on stocks. Something called the internet.
  • I remember not ever once raising my hand to answer a question in class—during all four years! Yea, yea, I’m a know it all, but about important stuff like mascara and the best way to cook asparagus, not business.
  • I remember there was a student or two in each of my classes that had a laptop computer. I remember being jealous that he didn’t have to go wait in line at the computer lab to use Quattro Pro version dinosaur 1.
  • I remember leaving my apartment early in the morning to make it to the computer lab before dot matrixclasses began to print out my homework. I also remember being so poor that I would agonize whether I should print out my homework on the free dot matrix printer or whether to splurge and use the 10 cents per page computer lab laser printer. Live large Cynthia, go for the laser.
  • I remember failing Accounting 210 (Paul aced this of course, like everything) and having to retake it as a night class. Nothing ruins a good night’s rest more than ending the day at 9:20pm with debits and credits instead of Cheetos and chocolate milk.

But most of all I remember telling myself that life would begin when college ended. I was right about that one. See? I am a know it all.


SingledOut4 said...

I always get so excited when you post another one!

Stephanie said...

I have many of your same memories of BYU, except I didn't fail Accounting. I just thought I did and called my professor in tears telling him what a good person I was and that he couldn't fail me because it would take me another four months to graduate. He looked up my grade and told me that I wasn't failing. Yea - not my most shining moment.

I ended up with a C - but I still think Accounting principles are led by the devil himself.

Ilene said...

What?! You didn't want to immediately head home to your children?

I can't believe it.

I love the BYU. Dan and I were talking about our college experiences and it made me all nostalgic for those days. Laura came to visit this weekend and we looked over our pictures and realized that we were terrible dressers while we were there. It is no mystery why we did not meet our mates there.

Ilene said...

Oh, after visiting my house, Laura has ordered pillows from you.

I can't take credit for the pillows but I will take credit for having the good taste to order the pillows from you.

By the way, LOVE Shonda's pictures of your banners. That picture of the Give thanks banner over the fireplace makes me want to order one right away. I never thought to hang one there.

Paul said...

I can't believe you found a picture of the correct Epson model dot-matrix printer!!

Times sure have changed since we were there. Good times, but I wouldn't go back either.

Miss Winward said...

Wow, I actually had one of those printers in my classroom my first few years of teaching! ;-) Crazy, I sure wouldn't want one now!

Kathleen said...

You think you were in college a long time ago? I did most of my college papers on an electric typewriter!

I like Thai Ruby but my favorite Thai restaurant is Bangkok Grill in Orem.


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