Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day, Thanks Dad!

Thanks Dad for serving our country during the Vietnam War. I love to hear your stories and read your blog from those days gone by--this one is my favorite. Recently you told me that you were exposed to Agent Orange during the war as it was your job to load it onto the planes you serviced. That probably explains some of your recent health problems--at least our government agrees with that much. So thanks Dad for giving so much to serve this great land of ours.


Ilene said...

Yay for your dad! Thanks from me too.

Michael said...

Thanks, Cynthia...This really means a lot to me. I don't rank myself up there with so many I admire who served our country. I did my job quietly and without lasting trauma. So, I feel blessed for that. True, my health issues are a later onset, but that's life, right? You will notice on my Vietnam blog a man called Xtalpope left a long and descriptive comment there. He there at the same time (about) as I was. Sadly, I cannot track this man down. He is registered at ebay as a buyer, but they won't allow me to contact him since I am not a bidder or seller.

Anyway, I thank you for that nice blog!

Love, Dad

aric & jess said...

Great post, great pics.

Your dad is clearly a gringo. You must get your latina blood from your mom.

Anonymous said...

That was really nice to post Cyn. And yes, Thanks from me too.

Care Bear said...

Darn it, why didn't I think of this???? Kings to you!


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