Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeding My Son's Star Wars Addiction

Am I a cool mom or what? Nathan wore this shirt again today. He gets compliments from teachers and students alike. Feed the ego, oh yea.


Ilene said...

Hello Enabler.

Can I have a shirt that says "Martha Stewart in Training?"

Kidding, she carries too much baggage... and felony convictions.

Did I tell you about the crazy couple in my Eugene ward that named their son Luke Sky Walker? NO JOKE.

aric & jess said...

Yes you are the coolest mom ever!
And every time you post about your machine I get insanely jealous!

cyn the win said...

ooooo...i am making others jealous!! oo-aaa-aaaa!!! (wringing hands together)

your shirt will say "i'm better than martha."

ashley said...
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Anonymous said...

I too am jealous Cynthia. I would have a hay day with a machine like that!! Maybe if I send you something you could do this. Marlon's birthday is in September and it would be so fun to do something like this. Nathan must be the coolest kid at school.

cyn the win said...

Carolyn #2--

Of course I would embroider anything for my nephews!!

thefoxkids said...

i agree i'm SOO jealous and i don't even sew (ok tab top curtains but thats the extent!).. how could i justify an embroidery machine hmmm... thinking thinking... well i'll have to live though you!
very cute!
luv the house by the way and sorry i didn't look you up while we were there.. weddings are crazy and i know better than to try to schedule too much!

thefoxkids said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul said...

Nathan is the coolest kid at elementary school with this shirt. Too bad his hair is beginning to get as long as Anakin's. Hopefully he doesn't go to the dark side!!


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