Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Illegal to Kill Seagulls

At the end of dinner is when we read our nightly verses/chapter from the Book of Mormon. So last night we were reading Alma 1—you know the chapter all you LDS types out there—it’s all about Nehor and how he is executed because he murdered Gideon. Our kids love anything murder and gore. (Don’t all kids?) This of course led to all sorts of questions—

Nathan: So why was Nehor killed?

Paul: Because he murdered Gideon. It’s wrong to murder, so he paid with his life.

Nathan: Does that happen today--you're killed if you kill?

Paul: In some states yes, including Utah.
Ilene: Is it wrong to kill animals?
Paul: Do you think it’s kind to go around killing animals? (Mind you we are eating chicken at the time. Hee hee. We ain’t no vegetarians!)

Ilene: Is it illegal to kill the state bird of Utah?

Me: (laughing out right) Ilene, where is this coming from, have you seen someone recently killing a seagull?
Ilene: No, I just want to know if you’d go to jail or be executed if you killed the state bird.

Paul: (exasperated and ready to end this weird conversation) Yes, you’d sure get in trouble with the law, maybe not jail, but there’d be trouble.
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abelnap said...

Aren't we lucky to have kid craziness all the time? Killing a seagull is a major part of a very famous play by Checkov called, strangely enough, "The Seagull." At one point, one of the charaters is supposed to bring a dead seagull onstage to represent the slow destruction of another character's love, life, and soul. We were not going to kill a REAL seagull over at the BY, but we couldn't even have a FAKE dead seagull onstage. Curse that state bird rule.

cyn the win said...

are you serious allison?
there is a rule about have a rubber seagull imitating a real-life dead one?

aric & jess said...

Don't you love it when the scriptures stir up all those deep questions that are impossible to answer. Not doctrinal mind you...just the weird stuff. Like why can the scriptures say ass but not us.

Casey said...

I love it when the scriptures get kids talking. Even if it's not really what we are reading. It get's them thinking and you know they are listening. What great parents you are. Do you read while you eat dinner or before dinner? I am trying to figure out what to do on the nights that Tim and Alexa leave for Activity Night right after dinner.

Casey said...

BTW. Your kids are DARLING.

cyn the win said...

we read at the end of the meal whenever is still sitting at the table. ideally, forks are down, but there are always a few stragglers who keep munching while we read.

cyn the win said...

when every one is still sitting at the table, i mean.

Patty said...

Cynthia, what a cute story! Thanks so much for sharing this. I love reading your blogs.

Patty said...
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Ilene said...

Well, inquiring minds want to know. Funny how Ilene readily accepted Nehor's death without question but showed more concern about the potential death of a seagull.


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